How Tayroc Made It To High Street Retailers In Less Than 4 Years!

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Below is our recent interview with Dominic Owen, CEO and Co-Founder of Tayroc:

Q: Could you tell us something more about Tayroc?

A: Of course! Tayroc was founded in May of 2014 by 2 pairs of brothers, with an idea to bring luxury, high quality products to the market at the lowest possible price for the end consumer. With this idea in mind we took to social media as our initial route to market. Since 2014 we have sold over 100,000 watches online and in 2018 pushed our products directly into over 350 retail stores across Europe.

Q: Tell us more about your products?

A: Our products are on the limit of the classic/contemporary designs whilst hovering on the border of the latest trends. We originally carved our name into the market back in 2014 by incorporating rich colours, Blue’s Red’s, Matte colours, into a generally at the time stationary market which had been stuck in its original ways for generations, we still follow this same DNA for the brand today.

We use all stainless steel for our products which puts us in the high quality bracket usually retailing above €200 but delivering the product to market with the highest price of €135. Our quality, attention to detail and workmanship into each individual product is unrivalled for the price. Many of the brands these days are moving to lower grade metals for the cases, brass or alloy. But we are maintaining Stainless Steel through out our collections whilst still competing in the same market as competition with a lower grade product as we are focussed on delivering value to our end consumer’s both online and through our off line stores.

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Q: Who are your distribution partners?

A: We are currently working with some great Distribution partners for our selected offline markets in Europe and we are handling our local market, the UK in house. It didn’t feel right to out source our own market even though it would have been a much easier process to do so!

The support we have received from our distribution partners has been phenomenal, as you can imagine. When we first began to enter the offline markets and distribution it’s an entirely new business model. We had been working with many independent retailers for since 2015 but dealing directly with retailers could never have prepared us for launches into over 50 retailers at one time, we practically had to learn an entirely new business overnight. Having learnt many lessons in such a short period of time we are now very confident about the offline side of the business as we enter the last two quarters of 2018!

Q: What are your customers saying about you?

A: They love it! It was always hard starting into the market as we were offering a much lower RRP to our competitors for the quality of product’s we offer, generally someone looking to purchase a new product will tie the price of something to the quality. But of course this is not always the case, Convincing someone of the quality of a product is much harder with images via a website than for someone to generate there own opinion by holding the product for them selves in person. So when a customer receives a Tayroc for the first time they are overwhelmed with the value for money and what we offer in our products! This is why for us to make it into high street retailers is such an achievement for us. The watch market is predominantly based on people wanting to visit a store to try on, see, feel and review the watch them selves, this is part of the reason of the huge success of Tayroc in store.

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Q: What can we expect from Tayroc in the next few months? Any new collections?

A: This is something we have been keeping internally at the moment, but of course… We have some awesome new designs in the pipeline which we cannot wait to share with everyone! Its always exciting to release new collections to get the feedback from customers, as the process is a lengthy one from the design stages to the release date, its hard to gain feedback before hand without your competition knowing what you are working on. What we will say is that we don’t just have one or two new models or collections ready for launch… We are almost doubling our product rage this year!!! We have huge expectations for the coming years and we have no plans to stop any time soon!