Eric Pesach Harbor – ” Digital Marketing Revolutionizes The World Of Commerce”

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We asked Eric Pesach Harbor a digital marketing consultant to explain to us a common method that makes consumers in digital commerce being “marked” and data tracked by business owners.

The method is called remarketing. Eric Pesach Harbor gives us a fantastic statistic. “A basic law in digital marketing shows that 96% of visitors to a consumer site will not buy or take any action, 70% will abandon the shopping cart just before clicking on the purchase button.” The importance for a business owner to find a way to appeal to those potential consumers who have visited and checked their wares.

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Imagine a situation where you have reached an electronics store in the mall, consult with the seller about the Smartphone that best suits your requirements and budget. But choose to leave the store without buying anything, here precisely comes the change. During your trip to the mall, you will be approached by a representative who can offer you an attractive discount coupon for the Smartphone you are considering.

“The idea is that the business owner can follow the incoming customer and disappear as they come, improve the offer or message, and succeed in saving a” lost “sale. In this process, most customers will not be aware of the manipulation of the business, who “persecutes” his clients “adds Eric Pesach Harbor.
The system knows how to mark the client, but in fact, it knows a lot more than that.

At what stage did the customer disconnect from the site and accordingly send him an offer and a suitable new message, discounted price, bonus or extended service, and of course the physical location of the customer according to the site he is currently browsing.

So how is this done? On the page where you want to start tracking, a code tracking visitor customer are embedded. Every visitor who enters the same web page is marked as an advertising target and opens the record of potential customers for mailing.

If the customer clicked on a banner sent to him and made a purchase, Google will be paid a fee to activate the service.

In summary, Eric Pesach Harbor would like to point out that the operation of such a process is not complicated, it can provide tremendous added value to many business owners who will deepen the reasons why customers abandoned the system without taking action. In fact, another opportunity is available to reach the consumer’s heart. However, the hope is that an attempt will be made to learn the consumer and not to refine it with re-publication.