Syxsense Provides Customers With A More Complete View Of Their Attack Surface In A Single Console

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Below is our recent interview with Mary Yang, CMO at Syxsense:

Q:Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to your company?

A: Syxsense helps organizations overcome security and endpoint management challenges by offering a comprehensive approach to managing and securing all devices, regardless of where they are located. By consolidating device, patch, vulnerability, and configuration management, Syxsense provides customers with a more complete view of their attack surface in a single console.

Q:Any highlights on your recent announcement?

A: Syxsense recently announced the availability of Cortex Copilot, a powerful new AI engine that allows IT and security administrators to dramatically simplify and speed up the process of creating endpoint management and security workflow automation. Cortex Copilot uses generative AI to create natural language queries that further automate smart task generation and intelligent scripting. Without any prior knowledge of coding or script languages, users simply tell the AI what task or workflow to create, and Cortex Copilot will generate the code, including all the necessary steps. The visual editor helps users easily identify code, saving them hours of time digging through scripts. Simply drag and drop it into the Cortex engine to execute.

Cortex Copilot builds on Syxsense Cortex™ – which already delivers a no-code, drag-and-drop visual designer that enables IT and security administrators to quickly build complex automated workflows. These include software deployment, patch management, vulnerability scanning and remediation, compliance reporting, and other endpoint management and security tasks. Now, the updated Cortex engine can enhance productivity, reduce errors, and learn and adapt to future-proof automation efforts. This is the beginning of a future of truly intelligent endpoints that self-manage and self-heal.

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Q:Can you give us more insights into your offering?

A: Syxsense is the first Unified Security and Endpoint Management platform to centralize vulnerabilities, patch, and compliance management. Recent research shows that 70% of data breaches occur at the endpoint. This is driving security teams to streamline the identification and remediations, including managing configuration changes for security vulnerabilities and compliance requirements. Syxsense, by combining IT management, patch management, and security vulnerability scanning into a single comprehensive cloud-based platform, makes it easier for IT and security teams to reduce risk by identifying, managing, and securing their environments.

Through a single intelligent agent, Syxsense allows security professionals to manage, detect vulnerabilities, and secure endpoints. That means 100% visibility into desktop, laptop, and server environments. It also includes real-time patch scanning to detect software vulnerabilities and security scanning to identify risk factors like authorization issues, security enforcement, antivirus status, and more. It also deploys and validates remediation (both automatically and manually) of these threat vectors. Not only does it discover endpoint security risks, but it also quickly takes corrective actions to reduce an organization’s exposure to risk.

In August 2022, Syxsense launched Syxsense Zero Trust, a module within Syxsense Enterprise that enables endpoint compliance with Zero Trust Network Access policies (ZTNA). Zero Trust initiatives require a focus on endpoint protection, but traditional authentication solutions lack the ability to evaluate device health, ensure granular policy compliance, and automate risk remediation. Syxsense’s new Zero Trust module was designed to serve as an organization’s “Trust Evaluation Engine” for endpoints. Not only does it offer visibility and control over network access policies, but also enables security teams to build access policies and remediation workflows to ensure ZTNA compliance.

Q:What can we expect from your company in the next six months? What are your plans?

A: Alongside the release of Cortex AI Copilot, Syxsense is also launching two exciting new product capabilities. The first is DEX (Digital Experience), designed to improve device reliability and dependability for an enhanced employee experience. It proactively collects endpoint user interactions and behavioral data (where, when, and how), integrates that information with other data from across the device environment, and provides insight, analysis, and workflow recommendations. This speeds up problem-solving, device consistency, and dependability. For example, if a user crashes Word for the second time, Syxsense DEX can automatically trigger repairs. Similarly, if a user hasn’t opened Photoshop in six months, DEX can automatically suggest a logical next step, like reassigning the license.

The second capability is Windows Modern Device Management (MDM) Autopilot. This capability gives IT managers a zero-touch approach to device compliance and security. When devices are shipped straight from the hardware vendor, the Syxsense Agent will automatically install on the first login (using the device ID and hardware identifier stored in the machine’s firmware). By authenticating through Azure Cloud, IT managers gain centralized control and have access to ML, SyncML, and other Windows protocols. These enable functions like remote data wipes, software prohibition, geo-tracking, USB device block, silent app management, kiosk mode, profile distribution network/password, device enrollment, and more.

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Q:What is the best thing about your company that people might not know about?

A: We develop technology with the end user in mind because we know what it takes to find and fix IT and cyber risks. With more than 20 years of experience in IT and security, our team has deployed and enabled more than 500 million patches, software updates, and remediations across hundreds of thousands of endpoints globally. Because we’ve walked in the shoes of your customers, we ensure we’re developing and delivering solutions that work.