Syncoria Provides Consulting, Design, Implementation, Customization, And Training Services On Business Software

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Below is our recent interview with Fida-E Zaheer, President at Syncoria:

Fida-E Zaheer

Q: Can you provide our readers a brief introduction to Syncoria and Odoo ERP?

A: Syncoria is a digital transformation agency for small and medium businesses. We were founded in 2004, and are based in Toronto.

We provide consulting, design, implementation, customization, and training services on business software – primarily ERP, CRM, Business Process Management, E-Commerce, and Accounting tools.

Most of our solutions are based on Odoo (formerly known as OpenERP). We are an authorized reseller of Odoo in Canada. Using the power and simplicity of the Odoo platform, we help businesses across Canada connect with customers, simplify and automate business processes, sell through multiple e-commerce and retail channels, and ultimately, achieve sustainable growth. We believe, when you succeed, we succeed.

Q: Which types of businesses can use Syncoria’s solutions?

A: Our solutions are designed to meet the needs of any business in e-commerce, retail, manufacturing, engineering, trading, or service.

The best thing about Odoo is that it is extremely flexible; it can be customized to suit any business model. From small to enterprise-level, any business can implement a completely integrated open ERP and CRM at a pace and budget that meets its needs.

Small to medium businesses can benefit from the open source model and grow the software as their businesses grow. Larger businesses can develop highly customized tools to improve business processes, introduce IoT, Machine Learning, and other state of the art technologies to their organizations in an agile way using Odoo.

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Q: What is Syncoria’s process for ERP and CRM implementation?

A: Since no two businesses are exactly alike, the implementation process varies. But overall, our approach is agile and transparent. We start off with a deep analysis of the customer’s business, and combine the findings with our knowledge of Odoo to determine the best route to a successful Odoo implementation.

To reiterate, every business is unique. We have seen that when businesses implement technology solutions that don’t require them to change their core workflows too much, the results are immediate and long lasting. This is why we customize Odoo to mimic our customers’ core business processes as much as possible, and implement new ones only where needed.

Q: What makes Syncoria the best option for ERP and CRM implementation for small businesses in Canada?

A: Syncoria understands the needs of small businesses in Canada.

We help businesses grow rapidly by giving them access with affordable technology for every aspect of their business. We are acutely aware of the budget constraints that small business operate within, and our flexible and agile approach – complemented by Odoo’s open-source and modular nature – allows us to create solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of each and every one of our small business customers, without requiring massive upfront investments.

Moreover, we don’t just build, deliver and forget. Our expert team of Engineers, System Integrators, Software Developers, and Business Consultants makes sure our customers are completely setup to use their Odoo instances, including complete data migration and training for users. For the latter, not only do we provide easy-to-follow video tutorials, but we also do on-premises and remote training to help new users get on board with ease.

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Q: What is Syncoria’s plan for the future?

A: Syncoria’s vision is to put state-of-the-art technologies like IoT, AI, Machine Learning in the hands of small businesses. We believe that small businesses are the driving force of any economy, and that by empowering them with the necessary software, tools, and training, we can supercharge their growth and competitiveness in the ever-changing business landscape.

Given how rapidly technology evolves, our aim is to consistently develop and market relevant new business tools and products that can help our customers achieve sustained success over the coming years. By doing so, we hope to be at the forefront of small-business software and technology solutions in Canada and North America for many decades to come.