Jace McDonald Working To Stop Identity Thief’s And Protect Business Owners And Their Families

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Below is our recent interview with Jace T. McDonald:

Jace McDonald

Q: Jace, tell us something more about your background. What were you doing before Asset Growth And Protection?

A: Before all of our current work, I have been an enterpreneur, having ran one of largest minority owned contracting businesses in Madison Wisconsin. Being Chippewa Indian, I have had a desire to help others with Assist Care homes, offering 24/7 care at 3 locations I helped start from scratch. Helping underprivileged individuals with work and accomplish them to be successful in the marketplace and communities they belong too. Having started my work as a dairy hand assisting in operations at the states third largest operational family owned dairy farm next to my home as a child.

This gave me my work ethic and helped shape my life and businesses to assist others in need of better solutions.

Q: Can you give us insights into your services?

A: We offer alternative solutions to problems that keep others up at night. Sleep good insurance you might say on what we offer solutions too.

Our national team of associates work to educate on affordable solutions. IF you are a retiree, baby boomer or business owner looking for solutions we are here to help.

Congress has passed regulations that you deserve to be aware of. Our professional affiliates want you to be aware of better solutions. IF there was a better way to do something, would you rather know the first day or the last? Are you sure you are getting all the tax credits,savings and incentives that you could be getting?

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Q: Why is asset growth and protection important?

A: If you wish to pass on a legacy to your grandchildren or children, you need to protect what you are focused on growing.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We are expanding on education on identity thief and dont go broke in a nursing home. We are seeing to many families lose so much of their hard earned money that we are focused on protecting our clients money from these major issues we face in the USA that are crushing hard working families.

Our office believes in education, so we offer a FREE booklet on some of our solutions to help your family get to where you want to be. Such as passing on assets to your loved ones with ease. Don’t go broke in a nursing home, has been a huge concern for many families. Our information on identity thieft is a must read, not only for parents but protecting your children now has become an even bigger issue most are unaware of. Call for your free information today 608 403 7008. Ask about our information sharing program, no cost to you.