Sutherland Rethinks And Rebuilds Processes For The Digital Age

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Automation isn’t a cure-all. In fact, many automation projects seek to put a Band-Aid on substandard or outdated processes. Sutherland combines design thinking, domain expertise, and a deep understanding of business processes to get to the simplified solutions that work for their customers. The company begins the process with the best customer experience in mind, and then seeks to apply the people and process to bring the best customer experience to life. Below is our interview with Andy Zimmerman, the President of Sutherland Digital:


Q: Can you give us a good example of Sutherland at work where you are guiding a company through a process transformation?

A: Guardian Group, a leading insurance provider, sought to improve operational efficiencies among back-office functions, deliver consistent reporting of key business metrics, and strengthen its overall customer experience. Prior to engaging Sutherland, Guardian Group predominantly used “people power” to complete the daily tasks of its front and back-office functions in new business, premium application, policy administration claims, and accounting.

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Q: You and Guardian discussed your work together at the Digital Convergence Conference. What is the primary lesson learned that you shared?

A: Companies today are seeking the “Uber effect,” where customers have on-demand self-service tools that are done automatically without human intervention. For services like Uber to be seamless for customers a lot of work has to be done on the backend. Making a customer experience easy is actually difficult on the backend. There’s an amazing blend of innovation and operational experience required, and we’re going to showcase how our partnership with Guardian works.

Q: There is tremendous attention and activity around digital transformation. How does Sutherland distinguish itself from other providers of similar services?

A: HfS Research recently honored Sutherland with its “High Performer” designation, praising us for our growth strategy based in human-centered process transformation that leverages technology. HfS is the leading analyst authority and global community for business operations and IT services. It helps enterprises validate their global operating models with world-class research and peer networking. Sutherland has made tremendous strides in the past 24 months winning projects rooted in this strategy. And based on the results our clients are seeing, we expect that we are only scratching the surface.

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Q: You recently received the prestigious Verego Corporate Social Responsibility certification. Why is that important to Sutherland?

A: The Verego certification exemplifies Sutherland’s commitment to leading the way in corporate responsibility, and it signals to our clients like Microsoft and others how important corporate social responsibility is at Sutherland. As a company, we are dedicated to setting an example in the areas of leadership, ethics, people, and environment.