CSDC Helps Governments Improve The Efficiency Of Their Operations, And Modernize How They Interact With Their Citizens

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CSDC builds the technology for hundreds of governments of all types that enables them to improve the efficiency of their operations, and modernize how they interact with their citizens. There’s a market shift in the multibillion-dollar government technology market as those governments need to move to modern and integrated technology. CSDC has some very ambitious plans and as they grow they aim to meet that opportunity and help their customers.

Below is our interview with Erin Mulligan Nelson, CEO of CSDC:


Q: What is AMANDA and how does it work?

A: AMANDA is our technology platform through which governments can streamline and automate citizen-facing processes such as building permitting, licensing, freedom of information and judicial enforcement management systems. Some of the world’s most innovative governments use AMANDA including Austin, Texas, San Jose, California, Portland, Oregon, and Toronto, Ontario.

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Q: What makes you the best choice?

A: We’re building on our successful heritage of innovation and customer-centricity and we are actively building the next generation of technology our customers need which we back up with a great customer support system. We also are working to provide a platform that will let governments collaborate and co-innovate. Some of our customers have some very innovative ideas to make government operations more efficient and there’s no reason not to share those ideas with other governments working to make life better for their citizens.

Q: What kind of solutions do you offer to your clients?

A: In addition to cloud-based efficiency software through our AMANDA platform , we also provide enterprise-level grant management software to public and private grand-making organizations with our Grantium solution. And higher-education institutions use curriculum and degree completion management programs through our Navigator Suite. Our mission is to provide our customers the best, most effective, most scalable technology platform there is — so those governments and their citizens can connect, engage and thrive.

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Q: What are your plans for the coming months?

A: We have very ambitious growth plans for every part of the company. We’re updating our product and service offerings, further engaging with our customers to build for tomorrow’s tech needs, bringing our solutions to more governments, building our team and more. It’s a very exciting time in govtech and we’re committed to helping our government customers meet their efficiency needs and engage with their citizens where, when and how they want.