Nowsta Secures $35M Series C, Launches Staffing Labs To Disrupt Staffing Industry

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Nowsta, a company creating operating systems for gig economy workforces, has raised $35 million in Series C funding. This investment will support the launch of Staffing Labs, a platform designed to innovate the sourcing, hiring, and management of contingent workers. The initiative represents a significant move towards transforming the flexible staffing market using technology and data analytics.

Nowsta, the technology company building operating systems for gig workforces, recently closed a $35 million Series C funding round to support the launch of its newest offering, Staffing Labs. This first-of-its-kind solution aims to completely transform how employers source, hire, and manage contingent workers by leveraging partnerships, technology, and innovation.

With the influx of capital from leading investors, Nowsta plans to disrupt the traditional staffing agency model and connect businesses with the on-demand talent they need through Staffing Labs. This platform has the potential to fundamentally shift the growing flexible staffing market.

About Nowsta’s Series C Funding Round

The recent $35 million funding round was led by VMG Partners, with additional participation from Builders VC and existing Nowsta investors. This brings Nowsta’s total amount raised to date to $93 million.
Nowsta CEO Nick Lillios said the company plans to utilize the new capital in three key ways:

  • Enhancing the advanced technology behind Staffing Labs
  • Further developing Nowsta’s AI-powered workforce management platform
  • Expanding the executive leadership team

“We continue to partner with Nowsta because they have a clear vision for the future and consistently deliver innovative solutions that improve today’s labor market,” said Carle Stenmark, General Partner at VMG Partners.

Introducing Staffing Labs

The highlight of Nowsta’s recent milestones is the official launch of Staffing Labs, an offering designed to help employers more easily build and manage pools of contingent workers.

Staffing Labs works by partnering with staffing agencies to aggregate the largest network of flexible labor available nationwide. By bringing these staffing firms onto the Nowsta platform, employers gain access to an expanded, highly-qualified talent pool that can be tailored to their specific needs.

Leveraging Technology and Data

Leveraging automation and data, Staffing Labs aims to reinvent traditional staffing models. The technology uses AI and machine learning algorithms to analyze market trends and match staffing talent with the right jobs.

For staffing company partners, Staffing Labs provides exclusive access to these cutting-edge tools to drive growth and innovation. By streamlining operations and unlocking analytics, agencies can better capitalize on the booming flexible staffing market.

Transforming the Staffing Industry

The launch of Staffing Labs coincides with rising demand for contingent workers across industries. But many employers still struggle with efficiently managing flexible workforces.

Nowsta CEO Nick Lillios said Staffing Labs offers a solution: “With Staffing Labs, our focus is on enabling new models of flex work for staffing companies. Think of it as a powerful engine to not only streamline operations but to grow your business.”

Early staffing partners already see the advantages of the platform. “We’ve been able to expand our talent pool and find quality workers faster,” said one agency executive. “Nowsta’s technology helps get people in the right roles quickly.”

By leveraging partnerships, analytics, and automation, Nowsta has the potential to accelerate hiring and reshape staffing for the future of work. Staffing Labs aims to drive innovation in connecting employers with the on-demand talent they need to succeed.

The Future of Flexible Staffing

With the infusion of $35 million in Series C funding, Nowsta is primed to disrupt the staffing industry with the launch of Staffing Labs. This end-to-end solution offers employers access to expansive flexible talent networks, powered by AI and machine learning technology.

As contingent work becomes more common, Staffing Labs creates a model for the future – one where employers can easily tap into qualified, on-demand labor. The platform streamlines hiring for businesses while opening up new economic opportunities for workers.

With Staffing Labs, Nowsta is writing the next chapter on how to successfully leverage partnerships, data, and technology to transform flexible staffing. This has the potential to fundamentally change how businesses source and manage talent in the years ahead.

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