New Research Shows How Sales Processes Are Adapting To Covid-19

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New research highlights rapid change to the traditional sales environment and how sales professionals are adapting.

Leading cloud CRM vendor, Really Simple Systems, has published a new report detailing the findings of recent international research into the roles, practices and processes of sales professionals.

In July 2020, the cloud-CRM developer and vendor, Really Simple Systems, conducted a research project, surveying sales professionals globally to generate data on their practices and the changing environment for the sales sector.

The research highlights the rapid change experienced over recent years, and more acutely in the last few months, identifying that traditional sales methods are largely outdated and ineffective. The report includes findings on how technology is influencing change and how sales professionals have adapted to the global pandemic.

• Evidence of increased use of technology in sales including the emergence of LinkedIn as a primary tool
• Impact of Covid-19 is demonstrated with a dramatic increase in use of video calling
• Concerns that high numbers of small businesses are still using manual methods to manage their sales
• Verification that sales value is the strongest determining factor in the sales process
• Suggestion that use of cold sales approaches continue despite the introduction of data protection legislation
• Move to the SaaS environment sees email and automation surge ahead of the telephone calls for sales

Really Simple Systems marketing manager, Helen Armour, commented: “Conducting this this sales research has been truly eye-opening. The sales sector has certainly seen some dramatic changes and although many are adapting well, it suggests more work is needed to prepare for an uncertain future.”

The full Sales Professionals Research Report can be found here.