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Below is our recent interview with Anton Popivnenko, from Signaled:

Q: Anton, can you tell us something more about your service and Signaled?

A: The main idea of this service came to me when I sent several emails to one of my friends and did not get any answer. Everything were ok with him, but I started thinking: “How could I know that everything is ok with some person important for me?”. How is this possible, to make sure that all is ok with somebody, if we do not really need to contact every day, or when it is very hard to do? Sometimes it could be important, when you are temporary in potentially unsafe evrironment or state (illness, risky trip, other similar situiations), to let sombody know that, probably, you are in problem.

It works like resque service for climbers: if we have missed communication session, we have a problem. But, this service is for everybody. Technically, it works very simple – you just need to login to the service once per several days. It is possible to set up this process to perform the login in one mouse click. The procedure of setup is also very simple

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Q: Who can use the service?

A: This service could be used by people who need to keep somebody informed if something wrong will happen with them – elderly people, students and travelers, people in dangerous situation.

You may set up an account for your elderly relatives. It’s quite easy to teach your parents make that click daily like take a pill.

Q: What types of notifications are available?

A: service currently provides 3 types of signals: “Not visited for number of days”, “Web resource is failed” and “Reminder”. The first signal was described above. The second is web sites monitoring service. Of course, this is not professional web monitoring service, but it quite convenient and free. Reminder service sends a signal on some particular date. It could be useful to help you do not miss some important events. When some signal triggered, it will take an action. Currently, two actions available: service will send email with some predefined text to the needed address, of it will click on some URL, which could be useful to build automated chains of software.

Q: Why is now the time for a technology solution like Signaled?

A: Recently, the relevance of the topic of security is constantly increasing. And if not to talk about explicit and physical threats, each person wants to be sure that everything is in order with his relatives and friends. Now families don’t live in one big house. Many people live alone, having children and relatives. Family members may live even in different countries. It’s hard to get in touch with all your people as often as you want, but it’s important to know that they are ok. That’s where our service could help a little.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: At this moment, we are promoting and monitoring response on our ideas and the service as a whole. At background, we are hardening the service code and design. Later, we plan to expand number of signal conditions and actions: scan a web page for particular keywords, send text messages to cellphones, send notifications to desktop browsers and smartphones. Also, we plan to introduce composite signals which will be combined from several simple signals.