Needls – Allows Businesses Of All Sizes To Automatically Create, Target And Optimize Ads Across Facebook & Instagram

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Below is our recent interview with Justin Hartzman, Co-Founder and CEO at needls:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to needls?

A: The needls. ad platform allows businesses of all sizes to automatically create, target and optimize digital ads across Facebook & Instagram. Blazing a trail in the MarTech industry, needls. is the Internet’s First RoboAgency. Needls is the most intuitive and effective way for business owners to create social media advertising campaigns, blowing the status quo options out of the water in cost and effectiveness. Not only does needls. stand out as an industry leader in identifying purchase intent within social media making their approach unique, the entire onboarding and automated optimization process is well ahead of the curve. Needls is a Canadian corporation based in Toronto.

Q: Can you tell us more about your features?

A: Needls has reinvented the way business owners create effective Social Media advertising campaigns. Through needls. highly intuitive interface, users can create effective and targeted cross platform ad campaigns for their businesses. Needls targets these ads by monitoring social media to identify purchase intent and related demographics to find the perfect audience. Needls optimizes ad campaigns for their customers in real time using data science and programmatic buying techniques. Other solutions require customers to create their own ads, determine their own targeting, and manually attempt to optimize their campaigns. This is time consuming and challenging to be effective.

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Q: Who are the founders of Needls?

A lifelong entrepreneur with multiple past online exits, Justin is a graduate from one of Canada’s premier business programs at Western University. With more than 18 years of startup experience, Justin previously founded the first brokerage for online businesses, brokering more than $300 million in transactions to Fortune 500 companies, PE firms, family offices and venture funds. Justin has managed hundreds of staff locally and abroad and prides himself on being a leader and not a boss. Justin has a positive track record of multiple exits.

Michael is a sales and marketing expert who has excelled both as an employee and an entrepreneur. As an Account Executive with Xerox, Michael gained valuable skills that helped him close deals with small business owners and C-level executives alike. Michael parlayed his experience at Xerox to establish and lead the sales team at online advertising startup At needls., Michael leads customer acquisition and operations.

Jeremy has spent the past 15 years developing dynamic websites and mobile applications. Prior to needls., Jeremy was in charge of development at AYCE Internet where he successfully completed over 200 projects, and managed a team of 50 programmers and designers. At needls., Jeremy leads product development and recruiting. Teaming with Justin for over 15 years, Jeremy has also a positive track record of multiple exits.

Q: Why was the company founded?

A: As small business owners themselves, the three founders knew how hard it can be to find qualified leads at affordable prices. They saw a growing trend towards people asking for recommendations on social media. They typically spent hours scouring their own social media feeds to find leads and wanted to ensure that they never missed an opportunity again. Facebook and Instagram naturally were the best sources for these social leads.

Q: Who is your primary targeted end-user?

A: Needls targets the growing small business market in North America with a focus on independent professionals (e.g. real estate agents, photographers, contractors, etc.), startups, and ecommerce websites. There are 70MM SMBs with a Facebook Page. Facebook advertising spend accounted for 23% of total US digital ad spend in 2018 and accounted for $1 out of every $10 spent on ALL advertising – digital and non-digital combined.

Q: What makes you different from other social media advertising solutions?

A: There are 3 options to create a social media campaign on Facebook and Instagram.

#1 – Do it yourself – but it is getting increasingly challenging to do so.
#2 – Hire an agency – typically much too expensive for a small business owner on a tight budget
#3 – Use another social media advertising platform – the VAST majority are meant for experienced markets that help to automate their own knowledge. Without this knowledge these platforms are useless.

We provide the only solution for SMBs that make it SIMPLE to create, target and optimize Facebook and Instagram campaigns with no knowledge required.

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Q: Can you give us insights into your pricing plans?

A: Compared to a DIY solution and large traditional agencies, needls. costs users just $100 per month and 10% of their ad spend. For this price, small businesses will get the ad creation, targeting, and monitoring features along with advanced analytics, custom reporting, and customer care (including live chat)!

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: The future for needls. is to become the platform-based service for all things AI and automated for small to medium sized businesses in the marketing field.