Meet Rainbow Password – “A Password With Color And Style”

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Below is our recent interview with Dhaval Shah, CEO at Rainbow Password:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Rainbow Password?

A: Rainbow Password is “A password with color and style”. With Rainbow Password, users use their creativity and make their text and picture passwords extremely strong and durable against cyber attacks like Brute-Force, Key logger and so on. All these they can do because now they got choice of 17 million colors, 100+ style combinations to format their passwords. User can format entire password or any of its characters in any combination. E.g. You can make write password with blue font and green background, give it italic style and font of your choice.

While using picture password, user can select picture(s) from library or from their uploads, format them with colors, effects, and appearance.

Rainbow Password is a technology API for Authentication, Smart Multi-factor and Password less logins.

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Q: What makes Rainbow Password strong?

A: Password strength is dependent on three factors: length, complexity and predictability.

Currently we are using 64 Character to make password complex and non-predictable. Computer hackers will typically work through a list of more likely passwords first, before moving on to a ‘brute force’ cracking method, which simply involves systematically trying every possible combination until they are successful. Hackers are using password attack like brute force, dictionary, key logger etc. To avoid predictability people are increasing length and complexity, it ends in harder to remember and harder to manage passwords. Most experts recommend a minimum password length of eight characters, fourteen characters but twenty-four characters or longer is ideal.

Rainbow password solve this problem to introducing endless option with color, style, picture.

Rainbow password allow user to use 17 million rgb color as font color, as background color and 100 of style option like bold, italic etc… for one character of password. Also, it allows user to select one or more picture from picture library arrange picture and color some or all picture that become your password.

If we count the strength, instead of just 64 characters now we have
64 X 17 million font colors X 17 million Background Colors X 100+ Style options.

Here we give so much complexity, still user can have easy, appealing and simple password. They do not worry about complexity and predictability.

Numerous colors, style and effects options for font color, shading, shape and picture formatting gives extremely big hash that makes accounts and databases almost impossible to crack or reverse engineer and at same time gives unique personalization abilities.

6-character long Rainbow password can be as strong as 30-100 char long legacy password with alpha, numbers and special chars.

Top 100 worst passwords of last year can be now top 100 Best passwords of this year by using Rainbow password features. You and me can have same password but will have different choice of colors and styles making passwords unique.

Q: If I have problem with colors how can I use Rainbow Password?

A: There are two way we can solve this

    1)User can use RGB Color Code For their Font and shading color
    2)User Can use any style like Font Name, Font Size, Bold etc…for their font or any combinations.

Q: How is the user feedback and acceptance?

A: Users love Rainbow Password technology, whether they are using textual passwords, picture or picture pattern passwords or just doing smart multi-factor, they feel at home. No extra training required.

At first you think how can I remember these colors and styles. Once users start working with RGB color code it become much easier to remember colors. We know that human brain has special ability to process colors and graphics. That is helping us. Its same way you can remember logos of hundreds of companies even when you see it only once during visit to large expo or watching commercial on tv.

Rainbow Password technology try to solve all password attacks and data breaches. You can adopt rainbow Password technology with minimum changes in any application or web sites User can still use their black and white password. They are not asked to add color or style right away. There is no Burden on users.

Q: Why is now the time for a technology solution like Rainbow Password?

A: Users have fed up with lengthy passwords with complex rules to follow. Other options like Key fobs or biometrics are always feasible, affordable or acceptable to users.

Rainbow password as I mentioned earlier helps fight variety of password-attacks and also helps improve password hygiene. When you want to change Password, you can now change text or any color or style. Rainbow password technology remove burden from users.

Q: You also offer digital tools on subscription and file pack basis to your clients; could you tell us something more about that?

A: Yes We present you highly secure digital vault “Rainbow Secure Note” – rSecureNote that is protected by Rainbow password authentication and multi-factor technologies

rSecureNote gives you safe place to store your Bank, Personal, Investment, inheritance Notes, Password hints, Legal, Secrets, Thoughts & any other thing you want to write, and protect. Business users can define teams and projects to share, collaborate and secure their data and documents. Manage your system files, configuration key xmls, important documents in Cloud Storage module of rSecueNote. Its also available separately for Enterprise Users on their choice of Public or private cloud hosting including MS Azure, AWS and Oracle Cloud.

We also offer highly secure file encryption tool within rSecureNote.
It allows user to secure files using Rainbow file key and store it in sharepoint or network share. To decrypt, your client or customer do not need to download or install any software. No need to create any account either. Get protected before you, your users or company gets attacked. Reduce risk of non-compliance, business downtime, customer data loss and reputation.

We seek to replace all adhoc tools, weak password or system vaults, and all patchy solutions in enterprise that users use.

We also offer rEncryptFile , a very strong encryption tool that allows user to secure files using Rainbow file key and store it in Cloud, SharePoint or network share or just email it. To decrypt, your client or customer do not need to download or install any software. No need to create any account either. You can get rEncryptFile by buying file packs for our SaaS hosting or get custom installation and quote for your company.

Q: Which types of businesses can use your solutions? Is it only meant for businesses at all?

A: All public, private, government and non-profit can benefit from our security technologies and digital solutions. Whether you are in financial, banking, pharma, healthcare, consumer goods or government you need strong cyber defense that can withstand tomorrow’s cyber-attacks. Contact us soon for Cyber Security Assessment and get advantage of our APIs and digital solutions that can help you with data privacy, compliance laws and keep you and your customers protected and happy. We will also work with our industry partners and get you complete cyber defense.

Our solutions like Rainbow Secure Note (rSecureNote) and Rainbow Encrypt File (rEncryptFile) can be used by retail, individuals and business professionals as well. They can go to our websites can get them right away. Its’ never late to protect your financial, legal, tax or other important information and documents from hackers, never again trust your computer drive or smart phone to save important data. You never know when you will get hit by malware or ransomware and lose everything.

Go to today. If you do want to keep your documents with you go to and buy file packs. Encrypt all your files with Rainbow file key and you are good. Save your encrypted file copies in one or more places with confidence.

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Q: Can you give us any hints as to what else we might expect to see from your company this year?

A: We are coming up with Rainbow Secure Message (rSecureMessage) for private group, Business to Customer and Enterprise Messaging.

We are launching our first fintech product that will help users with making decisions on personal wealth, get live advice from certified professionals, get financial account monitoring, and much needed help when seeking out loans for study, car or house, powered by Block chain, AI and secured by Rainbow Platform and other geoACL technologies that we are going to unveil soon.

We will launch peer to peer contract and document signing platform where users can sign using r-Signature – an Electronic signature using Rainbow Technology.
It will have subscription options for both individuals as well as Business Professionals. We will also later launch enterprise version for the same.