MarketMuse Is An AI-Driven Platform For Building Content Strategies That Improve Your Visibility On Organic Search And Build Thought Leadership On Topics Core To Your Business

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MarketMuse is an AI-driven platform for building content strategies that improve your ranking potential. Below is our recent interview with Aki Balogh, CEO at MarketMuse:

Aki Balogh

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to MarketMuse?

A: MarketMuse is the AI Content Strategy & Research Solution for the Enterprise. Now you can quantitatively plan, build, and improve content for topical authority and audience intent. Turn traffic goals into a comprehensive content plan with machine learning and natural language processing.

Q: Can you give us insights into your features?

The MarketMuse Suite offers a set of workflow-specific applications that allow you to organize, analyze, create, optimize, and assess best-in-class content on a granular level.

• Automated Content Inventory: Monitor and manage your content inventory, both current and planned, in one place. Finally, you have a single source of truth against which your entire content team can align and execute.
• AI-driven Content Plans: Quickly find new content opportunities with qualitative and quantitative competitive gap analysis.
• Content Briefs: MarketMuse’s AI-powered Content Briefs provide specific, detailed directions so writers can create and optimize content to the highest possible quality.
• Research: Show search engines you’re an expert on a given topic by writing in-depth content with the help of MarketMuse.
• Compete: Analyze the competitive landscape for any topic or query and learn how your content compares to the top 20 rankings.
• Optimize: Turn average content into high performing masterpieces. MarketMuse’s AI writing assistant improves the breadth and depth of content in real-time as it’s being written.
• Questions: Answer the most relevant questions for your audience with our prioritized list of topic-focused questions.
• Connect: Fortify your topic clusters with the right connections. The Connect app analyzes your site and prioritizes internal links for that topic.
• Newsroom: Create news content that lasts with the Newsroom app. The Newsroom analyzes and dissects the SERP and news results so you know what you need to include to immediately rank in news for the topic.

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Q: How would you convince the reader to start using MarketMuse?

A: Planning and writing for search traffic is no longer an exercise in inserting keywords into landing page content, it’s a process of giving your audience exactly what they’re asking. Google now infers user intent from complex queries to understand exactly what users are looking for and surfaces the most relevant, authoritative, and helpful content on the topic.

MarketMuse Suite automates user intent mapping, competitive analysis, keyword, and content research so you can plan, build, and improve your content to grow your audience, get more leads, and fill your team’s pipeline with MQLs – without hundreds of hours of research.

Q: Tell us more about MarketMuse Suite. What is it for?

A: MarketMuse delivers content optimization solutions that give all team members an unfair advantage. It optimizes virtually the entire content creation process, specifically: research, planning, brief creation, editing, optimization, inventory, and auditing.

With the help of AI, content strategists and marketers can gain more insight into the strategy, writing, and auditing that goes into the content planning process.

Q: What’s the difference between content optimization and SEO?

A: SEO has become more complex. Increasingly, you need to take the user’s full potential intent into consideration. RankBrain has helped ensure that comprehensive content covering a topic extremely well ranks better than a disjointed page that is super-optimized for a certain keyword.

So think bigger. Content optimization can be performed at scale. Building backlinks is manual and takes a lot of time, but content creation can happen at at any speed — you only need an editorial team of either in-house writers or freelancers. Writing great content on topics relevant to your business is the most important ranking factor that Google looks at, and great content builds authenticity and engagement as well.

Understanding the intent behind a query and building comprehensive content around that is the best way to ensure your content stands the test of time.

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Q: What can we expect from MarketMuse in the future?

A: The release of MarketMuse Suite this summer was a major advancement in our offering. Future plans include improved workflows, making the user experience even better, and becoming the system of record for enterprise content creators.