Lowering Your Customer’s Mobile Bills With Billaway

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Below is our recent interview with Paul Harkins, CEO at Billaway:

Paul Harkins

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Billaway?

A: Billaway’s mission is to help make mobile service more affordable for consumers. We accomplish this by creating programs for our clients so their customers can lower their mobile bill without having to spend money by doing so. These programs reward customers with free mobile airtime and/or mobile data simply giving them surveys and offers to complete. When the customer engages, they earn. The more they engage, the more they can earn. The more they earn, the more free mobile service they get.

Billaway clients include mobile operators, mobile applications such as mobile messaging services, and businesses seeing the opportunity and benefits of rewarding their customers with free mobile airtime or mobile data. Billaway is live in 12 countries today, helping customers earn free mobile airtime.

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Q: Can you provide some real word use-cases of your technology?

A: A real world use case is a global messaging provider who sought to deliver additional services inside their mobile application. Billaway worked with them to launch a mobile airtime rewards program. Their users can now earn free mobile airtime within the application through surveys and offers. The earned mobile airtime was directly loaded onto their account with their mobile operator, which allowed them to keep their mobile service and stay connected through the messaging application and in turn stay connected with their friends and family.

Q: How enabling real-time redemption can be useful for people?

A: Enabling real-time redemption is a powerful tool for keeping people connected. In many countries, mobile phone subscribers are having to purchase airtime on a weekly, sometimes daily basis to stay connected. In several countries, that purhcase has to be done face to face in a local store. With Billaway, they can earn credits that are redeemed automatically, allowing the subscriber to stay connected without running to a mobile airtime purchase location.

Q: Why is now the time for a technology solution like Billaway?

A: Mobile connectivity is a powerful tool for anyone, especially those who use mobile for their access to the internet. It provides access to friends, family, knowledge and opportunity. We are helping make mobile affordable and accessible to everyone. It is also a highly motivating tool. In a recent survey, we found that the reward of free mobile airtime or data was more valuable than cash – in most areas of the world.

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Q: What are your plans moving forward?

A: Billaway launched its 16th client this past month, which represents hundreds of millions of consumers. In addition, we are finding new and unique methods of enabling consumers to earn free airtime and mobile data. We also launched in the Healthcare space with Billaway Health, which is designed to reward consumers as they take healthier approach to life along with helping attract and retain consumers for what up until now has been a very expensive practice of clinical trials. Our goals are simple; enable everyone on the planet with the ability to communicate to their loved ones without spending money to do so.