Leading In The 21st Century With The Nebo Company

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The Nebo Company is an innovative leadership development firm based in Washington, D.C. With a network of top leadership coaches and facilitators across the country, The Nebo Company develops resilient leaders and organizations through strategy visioning, leadership coaching, customized leadership development programs and organizational consulting. Below is our recent interview with Kate Ebner, CEO, Founder & Leadership Coach at The Nebo Company:

Kate Ebner

Q: Kate, what major trends do you see in leadership development today and into the future?

A: Leadership is no longer about command-and-control. Modern leaders are working in complex, fast-paced environments that demand a diverse range of leadership skills – -many of which were not required in the past. For example, leaders must be capable of thinking and leading with a systems-mindset – anticipating how their decisions will affect others across their organization and beyond. They must be forward-looking, developing vision for their projects, teams and organizations and anticipating changes in the market and the world. While technology enables us to work collaboratively and creatively, driving innovation everywhere; it has also made our work relentless and boundary-less. We are a generation of leaders who must define new methods of working and leading – new standards, skills and methods for getting to important outcomes. At Nebo, we receive many requests for team coaching and development, as well as leadership programs that can help people to think, see and act more strategically and to be more sustainable personally as they rise to meet tough challenges. I often hear requests for how to help leaders at all levels learn how to manage themselves and their teams in the face of this complexity. Readers can learn more about what we recommend in our upcoming webinar on September 26.

Q: What is unique about The Nebo Company and how does it stand out from other leadership development and strategic consultants?

A: Partnership is a core value of The Nebo Company. A great partnership means being “all in.” We work with our clients in the intersection of strategy, leadership and organization development. Nebo coaches, facilitators and team members are passionate about ensuring that we find the right approach for each client organization, and that our has a lasting and even transformative impact. We take time to get to know the unique circumstances, concerns, and goals of each client. Our secret sauce might be how much we care about our clients’ mission as if it was our own – and our expertise at designing and delivering services that work. To do this, we draw upon 15 years of experience, proven methods, outstanding and highly qualified coaches and facilitators, and our own vision of making a difference through our work.

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Q: What types of organizations do you work with?

A: Nebo works with clients across industries and sectors, large and small. Our clients include corporations, financial companies, law firms and other professional services firms, educational institutions such as universities, secondary schools and associations, government agencies, non-profit organizations and conservation organizations. Many of our clients are from the healthcare, education, and technology industries, which are all undergoing dramatic changes in their respective markets. We often provide coaching at the executive (C-level) and senior leadership levels and design leadership programs for rising leaders and high potential employees. We especially love to work with organizations seeking to develop a vision, a strategy and a leadership team who can take the organization there.

Q: What advice would you give to aspiring leaders? How about experienced leaders trying to lead through complexity?

A: To aspiring or new leaders, I offer encouragement. We need people who are ready to learn, grow and step up. One insight that I’ve gained over the years is that “what got you here, won’t get you there!” To move to the next level professionally, you must grasp what is needed at that next level and begin to work on the presence, perspective and skills of the next level. Once promoted, pay attention to what has changed and don’t be afraid to let go of old priorities and habits. You won’t succeed if you just keep doing what you did before.

For experienced leaders who are navigating complexity, it is crucial to attend to both self-awareness and situational awareness. What’s happening? How are you responding? How effective are you as you meet your challenges? Are you a compelling storyteller as you communicate about the challenges and opportunities that your organization faces? Are you cultivating a vision that sets clear direction so that others can get on board with you? To be an adaptive, credible leader, you must do to the inner work in order to manage your stresses and reactivity. People are looking to you for direction, confidence and inspiration.