Meet Brosix An Instant Messaging Application Specially Built For Teams

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Brosix is an instant messaging application specially built for teams, groups, companies and corporations. Below is our recent interview with Nikola Baldikov, Digital Marketing Specialist at Brosix:

Q: What is the story behind Brosix, how did you start?

A: Brosix all came about based on a need identified by the co-founder and CEO, Stefan Chekanov, for secure private messaging systems for the business environment. Stefan had been working on a number of outsourcing IT projects that required a large amount of communication and information exchange, and yet many of the businesses were relying on unsecure and inefficient methods- email, personal IM programs, etc. In a sense, Brosix was created in 2006 in order to support Stefan’s own work, but it quickly grew into a passion for helping businesses grow and develop through safer and more efficient communication.

The name itself, Brosix, is a combination of two other words- brothers, honoring the fact that Stefan and his brother Svetoslav co-founded the company, and Asterix, the popular French cartoon which is a favorite of Stefan’s child. In this way the unique name is a real expression of the history and values of the company.

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Q: Are there any risks of using personal instant messengers for business communication?

A: Certainly, as with any form of communication. However, there are ways to mitigate these risks, and in fact, Brosix was created with these risks in mind. For example, personal IM programs are great for connecting with all kinds of contacts- family, friends, colleagues, etc. Inevitably, the majority of contacts on someone’s personal IM will be of a social nature. This creates the potential for non-work related communication during working hours, and a decrease in overall productivity due to distraction. This is why Brosix limits communication to only the contacts on your private team network, ensuring that communication at work is work related. This also has huge benefits for the second big risk of personal IM in a business environment, security.

Many of the most popular personal IM programs on the market have relatively low security standards. This means that if your employees are sharing company information over a personal IM network, they could be putting it at significant risk. With a Brosix private network this potential threat is eliminated by controlling how data and information are shared, and what security standards are applied (for example end to end data encryption). The fact that users can only share information and communicate with other contacts on the private team network also eliminates the possibility of sending sensitive information to the wrong person.

The other major issue with using personal IM is in creating a unified and highly functional internal communication system. Everyone has their own favorite personal IM, meaning it’s often a challenge to align with colleagues on which to use. Personal IM programs also miss a lot of the functionality that you can find on an enterprise business IM solution like Brosix, making personal IM great for basic chat functions but not much beyond that.

Q: What is voice chat? How can it bring benefits to the team?

A: In short, voice chat is a way of holding telephone type conversations through your IM program by using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. This type of communication comes with several key benefits. First, there’s the cost savings element. Since Voice Chat is a part of the IM program, it requires no additional set up or licensing and is a fraction of the cost of traditional landline or cell phone calls. This is especially important for businesses that rely heavily on phone communication.

Voice Chat is also a great way of connecting teams and people working in different locations. With the ever more dispersed workforce, it’s often difficult to keep remote working colleagues connected with their peers. Being able to speak with them, as opposed to simply exchanging emails or text chatting, can bring that important personal element to the working relationship. Communicating via Voice Chat can also be simply more efficient, as emails and texts can be open to interpretation and any follow up questions require a more delayed response.

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Q: Why Brosix should be an option for internal business communication?

A: There are certainly plenty of options on the market for internal business communication, meaning it can be difficult for companies in this area to set themselves apart. This has never really been the case for Brosix, however, given a few of its unique characteristics. Firstly, Brosix offers some of the highest security standards available, and takes a security-centered approach to its entire business practice. Complete end to end data encryption, secure servers, and a commitment to not process any data exchanged over its servers are just a few examples of the security standards that Brosix provides its customers. This makes Brosix an excellent option for businesses who take their cybersecurity seriously.

The other main reason that so many businesses have grown to love Brosix is the “all-in-one” package aspect. Brosix private networks come with all the features that businesses will need for their communication, so there’s no need to purchase extra software for peer-to-peer file transfer or screen sharing, for example. Everything your team needs for its collaboration comes in one user friendly package.

Finally, Brosix conveniently takes advantage of the multiple benefits that IM brings to the workplace, while eliminating the potential drawbacks of using personal IM programs, as mentioned earlier. Given that Brosix networks are fully administrable, you can control who communicates with whom and how, truly creating an internal communication environment that facilitates effective collaboration and eliminates distraction.

Q: Who do you view as your closest competitor and what key factors differentiate yourselves?

A: Slack and Microsoft Teams come to mind, although there are several differences. These two competitors tend to fall into the category of “Team Chat” and focus on providing online collaboration spaces for ongoing conversations. Brosix, on the other hand, emphasizes more direct and secure communication between peers. There are also features on Brosix related to group chat and chat rooms which create group communication environments, but as a business IM program direct and secure communication is what sets Brosix apart from its competitors.