An Interview With Romeo Power Technology Founders, Michael Patterson And Porter Harris

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Romeo Power Technology is an innovative energy technology company that is seeking to end energy poverty by developing breakthrough battery systems – creating the safest and the most power dense batteries on the market and distributing them around the world.

Below is our recent interview with Michael Patterson and Porter Harris, Founders of Romeo Power Technology:

Michael Patterson and Porter Harris

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Romeo Power?

Porter: It all started in 2015 after Mike’s last company was being acquired. He was interested in doing something for the benefit of the world. After researching the possibilities, every analysis came back to energy and access to clean inexpensive power. At the same time, I felt a lack of meaning in my job and decided to take a year off from working on high tech applications. I was about a month into it when I met Mike and shared his vision to support people in developing countries with energy solutions. We quickly began to understand that many experts in the tech industry were feeling the same passion that we did. So, we assembled a team of top engineers from Tesla, SpaceX, Samsung, Apple, and Amazon to produce the most technologically advanced energy storage systems that are green-clean and the safest on the market. We’ve never lost our original mission and with each battery pack sold we look to the future to supply this technology to those in need.

Q: You’ve recently dropped ‘Saber’ in b8ta stores nationwide; could you tell us more?

Mike: Well, we’re really excited about this one. b8ta has a unique business model where customers and vendors can test, feel, and experience products out of the box. In a virtual, digital age, this is becoming less available to consumers. Through b8ta, vendors such as Romeo also get feedback on their products and displays due to sensors located in the store, as well as feedback from the sales team. We created Saber to be the most power dense and safest personal battery bank out there but also wanted people to enjoy its sleek and cool look. Our plan here is to get Saber in front of more users, so they can experience the freedom that comes with this product’s features for themselves.

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Q: Can you give us insights into Saber’s features?

Mike: It’s designed to be perfectly portable in the shape of a water bottle for ultimate convenience, and assembled with exceptional technology:
• 120V AC outlet- it’s like taking the wall socket with you, hello freedom!
• Contains serious capacity and power, 86Wh @ 90W!
• FAA and TSA approved so you can fly with it on commercial airlines
• Super-fast charging at 2 hours– 2-3X faster than leading power pack manufacturers
• Water-resistant and drop/shock proof for use in any weather condition
• Charges most laptops twice, a tablet two to four times or a phone more than 10 times, with a single charge
• Universal AC plug, USB-C and two USB ports that can charge any device at 90 watts or less
• Can charge up to four devices at one time, with no additional accessories required
• Safe-Charge feature that knows what is plugged in and auto-adjusts the output power

Q: Tell us more about your EV battery pack. What makes it unique?

Porter: Our first priority is safety and we take that very seriously. We’ve adopted extreme safety standards derived from rocket and spacecraft battery pack technology without losing all the best parts you would want out of a Battery Management System. Every Romeo Power EV battery module/pack is assembled with an advanced BMS featuring redundant and fault tolerant technology with proprietary algorithms for enhanced performance (charge and discharge) and cycle life. Every module undergoes rigorous design validation making sure it lies up to our high safety standards. We do full life cycle design and production from 1kWh to 12MWh; built to order from engineering prototypes to high-volume production. Our modules fast charge with minimal impact on cycle life thanks to low, stable temperature across pack (provided by proprietary thermal engineering optimized for active and passive cooling) and advanced charge algorithms optimizing charge along SOC windows.

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Q: What can we expect from Romeo Power in the future?

Porter: After over two years, we are now releasing our products in numerous markets
world-wide. These products will support our mission to end energy poverty through significant costs reductions and second life use. As we move forward, solidifying our company’s financial capabilities, we look to keep developing and applying our technology in countries with need for safe clean energy. We have already begun working with various charities and organizations to bring these projects to life and can’t wait to push the envelope further to accomplish more.

Mike: We owe our success to our brilliant team who continues to make daily breakthroughs in achieving the best products out there, and propelling this industry as a whole into the future. We look to keep advancing energy technology and make a positive impact that will last for generations to come. The sky is the limit!