An Interview With The Founder And CEO Of Lystloc Inc., A Real-Time Location Intelligence And Analytics SaaS Platform

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Lystloc is a Location Intelligence and Analytics SaaS product company providing complete solutions on location based challenges to its customers. Below is our recent interview with Bharathkumar Annamalai, CEO & Founder at Lystloc:

Q: Can you tell us something more about the company and what you do?

A: Lystloc is a Location Intelligence and Analytics SaaS product company providing complete solutions on location based challenges to our customers. Lystloc started as an in-house product intended to track our on-field and office users attendance by location via mobile app rather than hardware punch cards.

It worked out very well for us saving a lot of time and money. It was then a natural progression to develop this as a SaaS product for other companies who go through similar day to day problems on locations. So, Lystloc is an one-stop shop for all your location based solutions.

Q: Why is now the time for a technology solution like Lystloc?

A: Our solution is applicable for almost any customer of any size across the globe. But right now we are focusing on Indian customers as we came across more requirements there than in any other country.

This might not have been an ideal solution three years ago as our product works from the end-users mobile phone. There were 351 and 420 million Indian smartphone users in 2017 and 2019 respectively. This is projected to increase a whopping 829 million by the year 2022. That is 60% of the Indian population will have the smartphones. There is no better time to provide this solution than now.

We are the market leading SaaS solution in real-time location intelligence for your workforce or vehicles or API integrations. We have technically and strategically positioned our self right now very well to take on this huge market.

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Q: How exactly does your location intelligence app work?

A: The employer has to setup their corporate account through web in a couple of minutes. Once signed up, the account admin can add their employees. The features of Lystloc are highly customizable that it can be configured at granular user level.

Once the installation is done, the user has to just single touch on the login or logout to mark the attendance. If it is enabled, the user can check-in and check-out while meeting clients. Once the employee is logged-in, the manager can track real-time location and other details like meeting notes. The entire activities of the day by location with meeting notes will be sent as a report to the managers on the following day.

The detailed documentation is here.

Q: Can you give us insights into your features?

A: · Real-time Tracking
The real-time location of the employee can be seen by the admin or reporting manager from their tracklist.

· Attendance
The attendance can be marked with a single touch or biometeric on the smartphone.

· Geo-fence Attendance
The attendance can be restricted within the geo-fence of the office location for the employees who are expected to log their attendance in the office.

· Timeline
The entire activities for that day will be shown in timeline like login, checkin, checkout, waiting, meeting notes and logged-out etc.,

· Route Taken
The entire route traveled for the day can be viewed. The exact location of the user at a particular time can also be viewed with the route play and pause feature.

· Distance Traveled by the user
The total distance traveled for the login and logout is computed real time and on batch. This is a popular feature that most of our customers use to compute the travel expense.

· Working Hours of user
The total working hours of employee is calculated. This has now become a critical feature that many of our customers use to compute salaries.

· Battery Level of Device
The battery percentage of the employee is also reported to managers along with other information. This is helpful in discouraging employees to unnecessarily show phone battery issues to avoid tracking

· Meeting Notes
The client meetings and its outcome can be easily updated in the meeting notes in real-time with location.

· History
You can go back and look at any day for an employee as we have the data readily available for you.

Q: Can you tell us the technology that you use?

A: We use GPS on the smartphones primarily to get the location coordinates. But in general our technology stack is mainly based on Serverless architecture for both OLTP(mobile, web and events) and OLAP(reporting and analytics) processing. We can easily scale from 1 to 100,000 employees of a customer in a matter of minutes. Our platform is built with advanced mobile, web and server technologies and techniques that enables us to provide affordable, scalable, accessible and secured application to our customers.

Q: Can you tell us why Lystloc is unique?

A: There are many reasons why Lystloc is special and unique. But the first and foremost is the combination of Real-time location intelligence for operational tactical decisions and Reports and analytics for strategic decisions. The data from our application is used as a critical measure during performance appraisal and salary computation etc.,. We take great pride in providing these two facets of technology paradigm to our customers easily and effectively.

Also, to use our platform the employer does not have to be tech-savvy. The testimony to this is how our customer base varies from Software companies, Pharmaceuticals, Transportation, Hospitals, Taxi Drivers, Head Masons, Construction companies and much more. We can roll out to any vertical of customers who are in need of location information of their workforce. Our platform is highly customizable in letting our customers pick what features they want to use based on their requirements. This can be done with a simple on and off buttons at account level or at user level

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Q: What can we expect from Lystloc in the future?

A: We are working on providing AI solutions related to locations to our customers. For example, if a sales person is visiting a customer in a particular location, our AI based solution would give possible client location suggestion to that salesperson who may want to purchase a product from them.

You can expect Lystloc to be the end to end Location Intelligence Service provider.

Q: What is the biggest challenge building this product?

A: The biggest challenge is finding the accurate location of an user. We faced huge challenge on Andriod devices compared to IOS because there are thousands of andriod phones ranging from low to high end smartphones on the market. In a country like India where maps are still evolving finding an accurate location in all range of smartphones is key to our success as well to our customers. We have been constantly fine tuning our software to handle many scenarios to make sure that we provide the most accurate location coordinates.

Q: Finally, why the name Lystloc?

A: Our product is all about locations. To be precise; a list of locations. Lystloc sounded meaningful with what we tried to solve.