Mighty Travels Premium – A New Approach To Airfare Search

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Mighty Travels Premium is a new approach to airfare search, instead of ‘by date’ you can find the best deals ‘by price’. Within just a few seconds you can find the best prices to/from a whole continent instead of waiting and waiting for an airfare search. They also provide tools to find the best 4 and 5 Star hotels worldwide that are exceptionally cheap.

Mighty Travels Premium currently screen 450,000 airfares a day and almost one million hotel rates and report just the ones a user is likely the most interested in. Below is our recent interview with Torsten Jacobi, CEO at Mighty Travels:

Q: Why do you want to change the paradigm of travel search?

A: We would like to give users access to the best ‘deals’ instead of high priced inventory that hotel chains and airlines like us to buy. We understand that many travelers are curious about good deals and to see new destinations for a great price. The old input form of two airports and two dates used by Metasearch or OTAs (liek Expedia) seems extremely antagonistic to us.

Q: How exactly does your platform work? There’s an AI involved, right?

A: We analyze a huge data-set in real time and filter out just the best deals for users. The way it works is that our system dynamically looks at user interest, historic prices for this route and prices in the last four weeks. We also look into how good a value a deal is in terms of earning miles and how good the quality of an airline is. This builds a score of how likely a user will be interested in a deal.

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Q: What are the top reasons to subscribe to Mighty Travels Premium?

A: We believe in choice for consumers – and transparency! Mighty Travels Premium provides hotel mistake rates and mistake fares at up to 95% discount. These do not happen every day but several times a week plus we give you unprecedented transparency in airfare and hotel pricing from your home airport(s).

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We would like to increase our search depth and see even more great airfares and hotel rates for consumers. We also want to be available on more platforms and provide excellent alerts for travelers who are more date restricted (i.e. weekend or holiday travelers).