InMobi Amplifies Its Privacy Management With Acquisition Of Quantcast Choice

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InMobi, a global leader in content monetization and marketing technologies, has announced its acquisition of Quantcast Choice. This consent management platform (CMP) is tailored to assist publishers in navigating the ever-evolving global privacy regulations, ensuring a seamless alignment with these changes.

Addressing the Global Privacy Landscape

As global privacy regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), continue to evolve, CMPs like Quantcast Choice have become indispensable for publishers. These platforms ensure compliance and help maintain ad revenue. Without a reliable CMP, publishers risk losing out on opportunities, especially since many top demand partners mandate the use of a CMP that adheres to the latest privacy standards set by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).

Quantcast Choice’s Comprehensive Support

Quantcast Choice stands out with its support for over 500 Google-Certified vendors, 800 IAB-approved vendors, and non-certified vendors tailored to specific publisher needs. This inclusive approach has proven beneficial for publishers, leading to increased monetization, higher fill rates, and in some regions, a boost in eCPMs by up to 35%. As part of the acquisition, InMobi has committed to maintaining the platform’s free availability for both existing and new customers.

InMobi’s Vision for Enhanced Privacy Management

Kunal Nagpal, Chief Business Officer at InMobi Advertising, emphasized the company’s dedication to navigating the intricate global privacy landscape. “This acquisition allows us to integrate a world-class CMP into the in-app ecosystem, addressing significant and unresolved challenges,” Nagpal stated. He further highlighted the reputation of Quantcast Choice as a gold standard for web publishers and expressed excitement about extending its benefits to the vast number of mobile apps collaborating with InMobi.

Quantcast’s Commitment to Consumer Privacy

Peter Day, Chief Technology Officer at Quantcast, reflected on the company’s dedication to safeguarding consumer privacy. He expressed pride in assisting numerous businesses in adapting to the shifting regulatory environment. Day also emphasized the continued availability of this leading CMP as a free solution and expressed confidence in the partnership with InMobi for a smooth transition.

Looking Ahead: Seamless Integration and Enhanced Privacy Control

InMobi’s acquisition of Quantcast Choice aligns with its commitment to offering comprehensive publisher monetization solutions. Plans are underway to integrate the CMP within InMobi’s extensive publisher SDK offering. This integration aims to provide improved data governance, effortless consent management, and enhanced privacy control, ensuring full compliance with global privacy regulations and building trust with audiences.

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