Inari Secures $5.2M for Expansion and Innovation In The Insurtech Sector

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Overview of the Funding Round

Barcelona’s insurtech startup, Inari, has successfully secured $5.2 million in a Seed funding round. The round was spearheaded by Caixa Capital Risc through Criteria Venture Tech. Other notable participants included CDTI, a renowned public organization dedicated to technological development in Spain, and an undisclosed industry leader.

Inari’s Growth Strategy

The funds raised are earmarked for Inari’s long-term growth strategy. The startup has outlined its plans, which encompass the expansion of its teams in both London and Barcelona. Additionally, Inari aims to enhance its (re)insurance offerings by introducing more features and exploring new market opportunities.

Inari’s Unique Value Proposition

Founded in 2017, Inari has positioned itself as a pivotal player in the insurtech landscape. The firm offers solutions to both established entities and newcomers in the insurance and reinsurance sectors. By leveraging its cloud-based, API-enabled, and fully managed services, Inari alleviates the complexities of process management. Among its clientele are MGAs, Insurance Carriers, and Lloyd’s.

Leadership’s Perspective

Frank Perkins, the Chief Executive Officer at Inari, expressed his pride and gratitude towards the team’s achievements. He emphasized Inari’s mission to revolutionize the (re)insurance industry and highlighted the company’s consistent track record. Perkins also acknowledged the unwavering support from their forward-thinking client base since Inari’s inception.

Investor’s Insight

Xavier Álvarez, the director of Tech Funds at Caixa Capital Risc, shared his enthusiasm about Inari’s innovative approach. He believes that Inari’s strategies can redefine perceptions of risk and resilience in the insurance sector. Álvarez conveyed his confidence in Inari’s vision and expressed excitement about partnering with them to foster industry-wide innovation.

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