Ilan Tzorya International Business Consultant: “You Can Promote A Small Business Without Investing Big Money.”

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Small business owners do not have huge budgets for advertising and public relations. Especially in times of challenging economic climate, it is necessary to find active marketing channels. Ilan Tzorya, an international business consultant for a series of financial companies, proposes to return to the base.

To increase business activity through a simple and effective marketing method – developing personal relationships.

Ilan Tzorya: “Networking makes it possible to develop business relationships with almost no budget. It is an acquired tool and skills that can be improved. This is the basis for all marketing operations”.

Ilan Tzorya gives us tips and rules on how to do it right:

Build the network of connections before you need them – the resulting return is a function of the time and size of the investment. Start building and expanding the network of contacts before you need it. No one is looking for new friends who are in trouble.

An organized work plan – how many times have you been to conferences and thought it was a waste of time? It is very possible that you arrived without prior preparation.

Networking requires a clear work plan. Ask yourself how many events I intend to go next month? Who is the event for? What preparations should I make?

Prepaid calling cards, make phone calls ahead of time, send an introductory email, and check the background on participants. Log in to your calendar.

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Exposure – How many people know what you are doing? It’s not enough to think of yourself as a professional. Every acquaintance begins with interaction, whether by phone, mail, letter or personal meeting.

There are no shortcuts. So, check the log of how many out-of-office conferences you had this week, how many new people you met, how many phones you have not yet returned and how many lift phones on your initiative to friends or customers to ask for their safety.

Do not try to sell – an attempt to sell will destroy the relationship that has not yet been created. Let the other party talk, smile when necessary, and try to develop the ability to listen to you.

To know asking – Ilan Tzorya recommendation: “Knowing what I’m going to ask is part of the network marketing plan, so do homework and not expect the other party to find the missing details. The details you want. ”

Ilan Tzorya concludes: “A great way to increase your connections is to become a central axis in the lives of others, and you will be happy to help them with every little thing.”