New Husqvarna Viking QuickDesign App Makes It Possible To Take A Photo And Turn It Into An Embroidery Design

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HUSQVARNA VIKING, at 145 years old, is one of the oldest and most respected sewing machine brands in the world. The brand offers a complete range of sewing, embroidery and overlock machines as well as one of the most extensive sewing accessories selections in the market. The market-leading premiere, Designer EPIC™ sewing and embroidery machine introduced cloud-based Wi-Fi connectivity to the sewing industry. Below is our interview with Rasmus Stenbacken, HUSQVARNA VIKING’s Vice President Global Brand Management, and Jakob Malm, Chief Architect Connectivity:


Q: You recently announced that “Embroiderers will be able to bring photos to fabric with ease using new HUSQVARNA VIKING® QuickDesign™ app,” can you give us more insights into your software?

A: The app essentially makes it possible to take a photo and turn it into an embroidery design. The photo can be captured in the app or loaded from photo albums in the phone. Different filters make it possible to create designs for different purposes and looks. For example, filters allow you to fill a surface or create a line art design. At launch, we included two filters in two different design sizes.

Our desktop software Premier+™ and TruE™ products already have the functionality of creating embroidery designs from photos. With this new HUSQVARNA VIKING® app, we hope to make it fun and easy for our users to be spontaneous in creating designs. They can take a photo when they’re out and about and see the result on the screen immediately. And because the app saves the designs to the user’s mySewnet™ Cloud folder, the designs are automatically synchronized to the HUSQVARNA VIKING® Designer EPIC® machine, ready to be stitched-out when they get home.

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Q: What makes HUSQVARNA VIKING® a good choice?

A: At HUSQVARNA VIKING®, we believe that the consumers’ needs should be in the center of what we develop. We strive to make the perfect machine for any user, and to do so, we include our product specialists and seamstresses in every step of the development – from concept definition to R&D development, testing and to final product verification. We believe this is one of the reasons our latest top-of-the-line launch, the Designer EPIC™, has been so successful in the market. We focus on the benefits that make a real difference for the consumer.

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Q: What are your plans for next six months?

A: Based on the positive response we have received on the HUSQVARNA VIKING® mySewMonitor™ app and QuickDesign™ app, along with the mySewnet™ cloud feature, we plan to continue to improve our users sewing experiences through additional software updates and apps. It’s a great way to continue delivering value to our loyal sewing consumers after their purchases and to make sure they have a great experience with their HUSQVARNA VIKING® machine!