Hilco Streambank Delivers A Trusted Online Brokerage Platform For IPv4 Address Block Purchases

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Hilco Streambank is an advisory firm specializing in intellectual property and other intangible assets. Under their IPv4.Global brand, the company runs one of the most trusted IP address brokerages in the business. They have facilitated hundreds of IP address sales and transfers since entering the emerging IPv4 address market in 2012. This experience has allowed them to create solutions that are highly tuned to the needs of clients and buyers. Below is our interview with Amy Potter, Vice President of Hilco Streambank:


Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Hilco Streambank?

A: For buyers of larger IPv4 address blocks (65,000 addresses and up), we facilitate privately negotiated deals. We help to draft and negotiate contracts, provide escrow services, and assist the parties through every step of the process.

For buyers looking to make small and medium sized purchases (256 address – 32,000) we’ve created a streamlined process on our online platform.

Q: You’ve recently announced that IPv4Auctions will sell RadioShack® IPv4 Addresses; could you tell us something more?

A: RadioShack’s IPv4 addresses are being sold as a part of the RadioShack Chapter 11 Bankruptcy proceedings. Bankruptcy proceedings provide a unique opportunity for buyers of IPv4 addresses.

Like any other asset that an organization purchases, it is important for buyers of IPv4 addresses to make sure that they are comfortable with the counterparty. They need to know that the company selling the asset does in fact have rights to that asset, and has the ability to convey those rights to the buyer. This is particularly important when the asset being sold is something that the buyer cannot physically take possession of, such as a block of IPv4 addresses.

Hilco Streambank performs a significant amount of diligence on every IPv4 seller prior to agreeing to represent them in the sale of their IPv4 addresses. We want to make informed decisions about the companies we agree to work with, and we know that our buyers do too. This is why every listing on IPv4auctions provides our buyers with the information necessary to make an informed purchasing decision.

Purchasing addresses from a Bankruptcy estate such as Radio Shack makes this task easier. Buyers of these addresses can rely on the fact that there is Court Order approving the sale of Radio Shack’s IPv4 addresses free and clear of all liens, claims and encumbrances. This provides an added level of comfort for buyers.

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Q: Can you give us more insights into your platform?

A: IPv4Auctions was designed to meet the needs of buyers making small to medium sized IPv4 address purchases through a more streamlined and transparent process. We list blocks ranging in size from 256 addresses up to 32,000 in traditional and “buy now” auctions multiple times a week.

We list the sale price of every block sold on our site, providing an unparalleled level of transparency that is essential for both buyers and sellers in the IPv4 address market to make informed decisions.

Registered users of our site are able to view the details of the IPv4 address blocks listed so that they can diligence the addresses prior to bidding. After the close of an auction we collect payment into escrow and walk both parties through the Regional Internet Registry transfer process.

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Q: What makes Hilco Streambank a good choice?

A: Hilco Streambank’s IPv4.Global group is committed to facilitating transactions that are safe and efficient. We have successfully completed hundreds of sales and transfers, and are experts in navigating registration transfer regulations. We provide multiple solutions designed to meet the unique needs of buyers and sellers of all sizes.

Q: What are your plans for next six months?

A: We are currently working on an exciting project to expand the capabilities of our users on IPv4Auctions. We look forward to providing a new depth of market insight to both our buyers and sellers and continuing to make the transaction process even more efficient.