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Hula Networks, established in 2000 has been shipping globally on a daily basis for the past 18 years.  Hula has directly shipped product from Australia to Uganda from New Zealand to Columbia.   Hula has continued its excellence in service, products and logistics support to over 65 countries today.  Most of our international customers are in the telecommunications or Data center space. These clients enjoy high end Arista, Cisco, EMC, and Juniper products with no lead time, all quality/tested product and substantial savings.  Warranties are also always provided with a designated SLA response time.

Our international consumers enjoy our on time delivery and seamless logistics while still receiving substernal cost savings in product.

Now in our 18th year of service, our clients have come to depend on us to develop solutions for their transportation and logistics needs. Our menu of Services include Less Than Truckload (LTL) & Full Truckload, Intermodal, Blind Shipping, Warehousing & Padded Van transport.

Hula now works with over 6,000 vetted and compliant carriers under contract with the ability to serve our customer transportation needs worldwide. Available services include:

  • Provide “Door-to-Door” Service from pick up, custom packaging, and shipping with full-value insurance we  do our own custom clearance from pick to delivery
  • Handle Value Added Tax or VAT (in other regions, it may be called a goods and services tax, or GST). Every package shipped across an international border is subject to VAT. Unlike duties and similar to sales tax, VAT is fixed to a percentage that varies from country to country.
  • Provide complete international shipping labels, Hula enters the HS tariff code for your shipment. HS tariff codes helps expedite the customs clearance process by providing information on the contents of the package so that internationally-agreed tariffs can be applied to the items in the shipment.
  • Provides duties that can apply in two ways: delivery duty paid (DDP) and delivery duty unpaid (DDU).
  • Full cargo Insurance

Hula provides flexible air and ground solutions to meet our customer required deadlines

  • Same Day Air / Next Flight Guaranteed
  • Hot Shot / Team Drivers
  • Next Day – 2nd Day
  • Expedited Ground
  • International Airfreight

Multi site customers can then designate the country they would like to ship to and also choose their service with only 4 hour notice. Hula Networks is in a position to help with kitting services, staging, testing, and quality assurance, full portfolio shipping and receiving.

Written by Hula Networks team:

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