OpenLM Delivers Software Asset Management For Engineering Licenses And SaaS Apps

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Below is our recent interview with Sudiptaa Paul Choudhury, VP of Marketing at OpenLM:

Q: Any Highlights on the recent announcement and Offering?

A: In OpenLM we continuously strive to diversify our offering. This is a long-time approach in OpenLM that can be seen in the amount of license managers that OpenLM supports – more than 60! Since many of the license managers are utilized by many vendors this number actually translates to tens of thousands of systems supported by OpenLM.

OpenLM is also extending its offering to fields that are not typical to the company. Some examples include:

Some new additions to mention are:

  1. Virtual License Manager: OpenLM took the concept of virtualization a step forward and introduced the concept of a virtualized license manager. Virtualization of the license manager allows us to add another level of management to the tools provided by the license manager vendor. An example of an added advantage is the ability to grant department managers and administrators to manage allocations of licenses to users on their own.
  2. OneDirectorySync: In today’s computing environment organizations are dealing with the challenge of managing multiple directories as users are using many services. OneDirectorySync acts as a single source of truth. The changes made in your organization’s primary directory will be automatically synced with all connected directories (any number of iaas, paas and saas services- such as Google Analytics, Firebase, Azure AD, GitLab, Salesforce, GitHub, Frontegg, Cloudflare, Buddy, Odoo, Jira, and more.). This is done fully automatically while keeping the organization more secure, in compliance and it saves money.
  3. Directory Sync: OpenLM helps organizations to sync their primary directory service (supported by LDAP: AWS, Active Directory, Azure, ApacheDS etc.) with their OpenLM database. This offering by OpenLM aims to enable organizations to synchronize their primary directory service with their OpenLM database.
  4. Software development tools (GitHub, GitLab) – Traditionally software development tools are considered as a cheaper asset and most organizations don’t actually manage them. This is not the situation anymore and development tools are becoming more and more expensive. We are extending the support for the development systems (GitHub, GitLab) in our portfolio.
  5. Dongle Management: Surprisingly software dongles are still very popular in many software fields but unfortunately these hardware assets are very hard to manage. OpenLM is connecting the hardware to the actual software asset and allows organizations to to better maintain these expensive assets. This works for the benefit of both the end users and the software vendors and invests significant resources in supporting customers with lost dongles.

Known for its customer centricity, customers purchase and recommend OpenLM primarily for the value it provides, such as

  • Product utility
  • Product innovation
  • Simplicity
  • Reduce IT License costs for customers’ organizations
  • Value for money
  • Excellent after-sales service
  • Strong prebuilt reporting modules to help customers make decisions on the go & empower them with fact-based rich insights, visibility of all software licenses allocations, consumption, and usage across the organization.

● OpenLM Cloud Portal (includes OpenLM Software License Management Cloud)

An easier and efficient mode of managing licenses on cloud. OpenLM takes its array of innovations in its cloud portal with four of its new products within its existing OpenLM Cloud Portal (two more will be available soon):

Software License Management Cloud – provides all the essential engineering and specialty software license tracking capabilities and reports you need.

Directory Sync (DSS) – enables organizations to synchronize their OpenLM database with their primary directory service.

OneDirectorySync – enables you to manage only one directory while OpenLM will do the rest

VLM/Virtual License Manager – Virtualization of the license manager allows us to add another level of management to the tools provided by the license manager vendor.

Why OpenLM Cloud?

  • No additional hardware is required to host the OpenLM Server.
  • Maintenance and bug fixes are served automatically.
  • Setting up Software License Management Cloud is simple.
  • Configuration is easily done using the web interface.
  • The OpenLM learning curve is brought to a minimum.
  • Full maintenance is done by the OpenLM team.

What can you do with the Cloud Portal?

Monitor the licenses of your organization, regardless of its size; connect licensing to organizational IT; turn your primary directory service into a single source of truth; convert static licenses to dynamic licenses. Whatever you want to do with your licenses, we have the right tools to govern them.

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Q: What can we expect from your company in the next 6 months? What are your plans?

A: Our vision is to provide the most comprehensive solution in the market for engineering and specialty licensing on the cloud that will make most in-house developed systems redundant.

Our system is targeted to the most comprehensive and sophisticated users of expensive software systems. In these markets our added value is very significant, every small improvement in the efficiency of license utilization can be quickly translated into a very significant savings. We are bringing this vision to the market.

Our aim is to be the “World’s best software license management company” as per customer’s choice in the area of engineering applications, cloud based applications and specialty software applications. We have a single focus to extend our offering to multiple adjacent fields such as cloud license management, development tools management and many more.

OpenLM is a trusted leader in the field of engineering software and speciality software licensing.

We are utilizing our expertise in order to provide our clients,

  • Reduced IT License Cost reductions,
  • Deep analytics and insights of actual license usage through our prebuilt BI powered reports,
  • Decreased license denials
  • Increased availability of licenses based on the existing number of licenses
  • Increased productivity of their resources, department wise, group wise, project wise etc.
  • Secured and compliant environments (GDPR and BDSG Compliant, also in compliance with other country’s data privacy norms)
  • To manage, automate, monitor and optimize the software assets – on premise and over the cloud. Be scalable with better functionality, performance, and modern architecture.
  • Hassle free auto installations, upgrades and configurations with cloud and thus reducing IT infrastructure cost and gain significant ROI

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Q: What is the best thing about your company that people might not know about?

A: OpenLM in the last 1 decade has been constantly working on the Values of Innovation, Diversification and Effective Leadership to ensure that all the problems of our customers are dealt with expertise, precision, and utmost care.


From its establishment OpenLM brought a new aspect to engineering license management. At that time 15 years ago, the ruling approach was that the value of software like ours is: “You will never miss a license”. An approach that focused on availability (which is important) and less on optimization.

OpenLM came to the market with a different approach with our slogan – “Stretching your licenses to their limits” and while still putting the license availability on a top priority we did while giving optimization a very high priority. As a part of this approach, OpenLM has developed a set of unique capabilities that enables this approach.


the right toolset to enable user, application, and directory integration management from one dashboard, anywhere, anytime. Some more examples that we have not talked earlier:

  1. Saas Applications management/Web Services Monitoring: Embrace the adoption of Saas applications, while optimizing cost and usage. OpenLM’s Cloud Services Monitoring technology enables organizations to monitor and fully harness the benefits of cloud services and web-based applications such as Slack, Salesforce, Google applications, Gotomeeting, Postman, Workday, etc. This simple and easy-to-use technology monitors the utilization of the cloud-based and web-based services you want to supervise and allows you to: – Obtain accurate reports on actual cloud license consumption – Safeguard sensitive data by removing unused accounts – Identify inactive users and reduce the security risk to your organization

Effective Leadership

When your mission is to be better, faster and smarter, you need the best people driving your vision forward. You need people who can create focused marketing strategies that align with business goals, who can infuse their creativity into groundbreaking campaigns, and who can analyze data to optimize every tactic along the way. You need Walker Sands. Get to know your team below.

Our team knows the problems that our customers face since we have been dealing with it ourselves for many years. Our system was designed to address these issues to start with and after constantly developing according to our customer challenges.

Please elaborate on OpenLM’s Executive Board…

Oren Gaby- The CEO– Oren holds bachelors from Israel Institute of technology and Masters Degree in Business Management from University of Haifa. An extensive 2 decades of Industry experience in helping engineering organizations to bring the best of their expensive licenses.

Rachel Bahar– The CTO- Co-founder of OpenLM and the technology brain behind a robust and breathtaking product. Rachel is specialized in Software design, System architecture, Design patterns and Software Project Management.

Branislav Potocek – VP Support and Services- An Experienced Software Asset Management Professional and the pillar behind world class customer service and Support infrastructure of OpenLM.

Eli Amar– EMEA Sales- More than 8 years of experience as qualified sales manager keeping company revenue engine running through exemplary skill and leadership.

Ayaon Ghosh– Account Director- APAC-Ayaon has deep Interest for Technology and Automation in Architecture, Engineering, Construction & Manufacturing Industry. an engineer by profession and holds a master degree in Business Management.

Giselle-Duarte-Cohen– Account Director- NA- Highly motivated and accomplished sales leader with a proven history of executing strategies that align sales and marketing initiatives with corporate objectives.

Sudiptaa Paul Choudhury– VP Marketing- An IIM-C alumnus/topper with 18 years of global pre-sales, marketing & strategy leadership experience in B2B2C industry. Result-oriented thought & communicative leader, focus on innovation, coaching and mentoring people.

Ivan Tihan– Branch Manager- Moldova- Passion and Commitment is the true introduction of Ivan. An exciting professional aligned to grow business and acquire new customers.

OpenLM think tank is a collective of 120 person years of experience.