Hula Networks Helps A Fortune 500 Datacenter

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The Data Center Enterprise has locations in North America, Europe & Africa offering move-in ready data centers from the edge to core. Their facilities serve hyperscale, cloud and enterprise customers while featuring their hybrid-colocation model for ultimate flexibility and control.

The Datacenter was looking to expand its core infrastructure to multiple locations. The datacenter needed to purchase and install a variety of Data Center equipment, including servers, storage, networking, and security solutions. The Data Center was looking for a partner to help them with the implementation of the equipment at each location.


The datacenter partnered with Hula Networks to help them with the implementation of the equipment at each new location. Hula Networks provided the datacenter with a comprehensive solution that included the purchase, installation, and configuration of the IT equipment. Hula Networks continues to provide the datacenter with ongoing support and maintenance services.

  • Gather the necessary components per item such as network modules, cables, transceivers, and rack mounts
  • Stage the item by configuring their basic settings, such as IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway, software upgrade and VLAN configuration
  • Configure the item according to the customer’s network topology.
  • Test the configuration by pinging each item, and ensuring that all nodes on the network can communicate with each other.
  • Document the configuration settings.
  • Finalize the configuration by making any necessary changes and testing the network again.
  • Label the item to indicate item’s build, location, date and specified configuration
    “The professional services Hula provides allows us to track, identify and maintain every item in our network. This allows us to maximize our overall productivity, efficiency and cost savings by leveraging the expertise of the Hula staff.”— IT Manager


Hula Networks was able to successfully implement the Data Center’s equipment at each location. The datacenter was able to quickly and efficiently expand its infrastructure to multiple locations.

Hula provides the Data Center with a cost-effective solution that allows them to quickly and easily expand their infrastructure. Hula Networks also provides the datacenter with ongoing support and maintenance services, ensuring that the equipment runs smoothly and efficiently.

“I have been a client of Hula’s for 7 years now and I can say, without hesitation, that these guys got your back. You name it, they’ll help you with it, and they’ll get you what you need, when you need it, to make it happen. I’ve purchased hundreds of switches by now, and have yet to have to return something due to anything they could have known about or tested for. The quality of what you get, for the price you pay for it, and with the customer service, can’t be matched.” — Infrastructure Architect

Hula networks will work with you and your team to deploy the most cost effective, power efficient and reliable data center solutions on the planet. Our experience with multiple vendors ensures interoperability between multiple vendors.

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