Herd Helps Companies To Build Deeper, Lasting Relationships With Their Users

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* – This article has been archived and is no longer updated by our editorial team –

Herd is used by companies to build deeper, lasting relationships with users. Below is our recent interview with Jason Tissera, from Herd:

Q: What is Herd?

A: Herd is used by companies to attract, enable, and retain users of SaaS & Blockchain platforms. Herd transforms videos, blog posts, and whitepapers into digital interactions that test the participant’s knowledge and incentivize completion. The results are more engaging, interesting content that enables companies to get to know their users without taking up more of their time, energy, or resorting to mining their data.

When you think of Herd, think of a system that combines learning management, advocate marketing, and data analysis platforms into one purpose built solution.

Q: Can you tell us how exactly your engagement service works?

A: Companies can elect to include their content on the Herd Launchpad, a selection of live Herd interactions. The launchpad is organized by industry vertical and helps companies to showcase their expertise in a specific industry.

Interactions served on Herd have a dual purpose of acting as marketing content that drive engagement on social media.

Q: How can you tell if Herd is the right fit for some company?

A: Herd is the best fit if you can answer yes to as many of these questions as possible:

-You’re company is building a SaaS platform economy with different types of users (developers, users, administrators, etc).

-You’re company is focused on increasing user adoption of your platform.

-Educating users about the benefits of your platform and increasing understanding is important.

-You publish content on platforms like Medium, youTube, and your own company site.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We’re launching Herd this week (February 11th) with select partners in the Blockchain Industry including BlockGeeks & EOS Nation.

We’re excited to announce that Herd has been accepted into the NYU Steinhardt Ed Technology Incubator in Brooklyn NY. The program provides us with access to professors and students active in the latest research on education technology. We’re working with the incubator to incorporate this research back into Herd.