HappyCoin Enables Merchants To Make Blockchain Payments At Physical Stores

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HappyCoin provides a decentralised peer-to-peer technology that enables all merchants and mobile users worldwide to make blockchain payments and transactions at physical stores. No bank account is needed, just a mobile phone with internet access. Below is our recent interview with Whitney van der Zanden, from HappyCoin:

Q: Whitney, could you tell us something more about your history?

A: Happy Coin has been active since April, 2017 and is operating local economies from Thailand and South-Korea. With the expansion to 9+ countries over 2018 and 2019, Happy Coin is growing rapidly into the crypto currency market.

Emission Happycoin-currency completely decentralized and can be carried out randomly any client system by using the computing power of electronic equipment for the maintenance of the system. Issue volume is automatically adjusted so as not to exceed the upper threshold of 100 million of coins.

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Q: How does HappyCoin work?

A: Happy Coin has developed a digital wallet app, where consumers can make purchases at participating businesses using the currency of Happy Coin. Happy Coin has been named HPC in the crypto exchanges and is available on: YoBit, HitBTC and CoinExchange.

The idea of a community payment system is not new in Asian countries. Though a blockchain technology based payment infrastructure is new way of integrating crypto currency with the local merchants and crypto currency users. Next to the great accessibility for both merchants and users, The HPC blockchain is the most secure method of payment processing through the large-scale HPC mining pool.

Next to our HPC wallet app, we also offer users a PC wallet where our users receive up to 5% stake per year.

Q: Are there any merchants allowing their products to be bought with HappyCoin?

A: Yes, we have 80+ merchants and 6000+ wallet downloads using HappyCoin as an official payment currency through the digital wallet app and PC.

Q: What is the roadmap moving forward?

A: The HPC roadmap goals for 2018 and 2019

➡️GOALS 2018

✅ Formalising the incentive plan to drive more merchants to accept HPC.
✅ Expanding HPC merchant’s client base to 1000+ retailers in Thailand.
✅ iOS wallet app.
✅ Establishing merchant partnerships in Brazil, Russia, USA, Cambodia, Vietnam and Korea.
✅ Launch on 3 major exchanges (in talks with OkEx, Binance, Houbi)

➡️GOALS 2019

✅ Strategic marketing plan for mass adoption in Thailand Wallet upgrade and integration with other cryptocurrencies.
✅ Partnership with local financial service to issue HPC debit cards.
✅ Partnerships with local and international online retailers.
✅ Creation of HPC web portal with online shopping and services.
✅ Accelerating international acceptance with focus on Asia.

➡️ SUMMARY Thousands of cryptocurrencies exist today, but only a few of them are used in real day to day life. So, our main goal is reaching this mass adoption level in Thailand and some internationally, that’s why we already have more than 100 merchants accepting HPC in Thailand and this number keeps growing! With the help of our special incentive plan, by the end of 2018, we plan to bring this number close to 1000 merchants. This growing merchant network will help Thai people to get familiar with HPC and become members of Happy Coin family.

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Q: Where do you see the cryptocurrency market going in 2018?

A: We believe there is a new wave coming up the next few months and the market will exponentially grown bigger than last year. The countries that are involved within crypto currency, are noticing the importance of crypto currency and regulating the market which will be interesting to see where this is going in 2018. Like a team, every country has a clear role to play and we believe this will only be the best for the rise of fintech and blockchain technology field.