Fitness Brand TruBe Combines Smart Tech And Leading Expertise To help You Achieve More, Faster

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TruBe is a personal training, health and fitness brand that is one of the fastest growing apps used by thousands of people. To learn more about TruBe App, see our recent interview with CEO, Daria Kantor:

Daria Kantor

Q: Why was the concept behind the Company?

A: I founded the company with the belief smart, simple technology can make fitness and well-being straightforward for everyone.

Q: What makes TruBe different from other personal trainer services?

A: We took the personal training model and made it a whole lot more relevant to a fast-paced and digitally-connected world. From flexible and on-demand sessions, arranged in seconds on your mobile, to the industry’s best trainers and the latest approach to workouts delivered to you in a few taps. Now living well and feeling great really couldn’t be simpler.

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Q: How would you convince the reader to start using TruBe?

A: That’s easy. There is nothing like TruBe on the market. Our workouts are the perfect solution for frequent flyers, busy mums, time-pressed professionals, hotel guests and, well, anyone. If you need three workouts a week to stay motivated, we’ll help you fit it in. Just want a monthly catch-up or getting ready for an event? Our highly-qualified trainers will keep you on track. Looking to make workouts more affordable? You can even share the cost with friends. Whatever your fitness goals, budget or lifestyle, TruBe combines smart tech and leading expertise to help you achieve more, faster.

Q: How do you sign up?

A: It’s a very simple process to sign up, simply download the app via your app store or visit.