Found Me Online – A Full-Service Digital Marketing Company With A Focus On Results

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Found Me Online was founded in 2013 as a lead generation company. It has grown to a full-service digital marketing company with a focus on results. They primarily serve the mortgage and real estate industry, providing the “Golden Leads” for each vertical, respectively. The company offers the top search engine optimization (SEO) strategies that put their clients on top of the search engine results page and stay on top.

Below is our interview with Gerry Nicodemus from Found Me Online:

Q: Gerry, could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Found Me Online?

A: Mortgage and Real Estate professionals rely on qualified leads, thus, their bloodline. Without bona fide leads, it will be challenging to grow their business. Found Me Online has the blueprint for generating prospects that are looking to buy and asked for some assistance in getting qualified to purchase a home. Not only do we produce authentic leads, but we also brand our clients in the industry.

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Q: What makes you stand out from your competition?

A: Found Me Online is different from most digital marketing companies in several aspects. First, we are focused on getting on top of the search engine results pages organically, and staying there. We leverage our proficiency and knowledge, and the results speak for itself. It’s tough for a site to generate organic traffic if they’re not on top of the SERPs.

Second, we take conversion optimization seriously. We take a scientific approach to optimizing websites which enable businesses to convert site visitors into clients. We accomplish this by gathering data and lots of split testing. We believe that the initial step to optimizing the conversion rate of a website is by analyzing this data. Without it, businesses would be wasting time and money if they cannot convert visitors into buyers or paying clients.

Third, we believe that branding is the most crucial facet of the business, large or small. We efficiently use a brand strategy to make the company stand out in their respective niche. We understand that need for branding to give a business an edge in their competitive market. After all, branding differentiates a company from their competition.

Finally, we don’t lock our clients into a long-term contract. We believe in providing a stable, long-term results that we don’t require our clients to have a contract at all. Speaking about “excellent” customer service is overrated, we deliver the results that we promise. Our clients can opt out anytime they feel like they’re not getting the value for their money. That’s why we don’t hold our clients to any long-term contracts.

Q: What kind of services do you offer to your clients?

A: Web design and development is the core business of Found Me Online. We provide our clients a needs-based analysis of their current situation and understand their goals, both short-term, and long-term, at the initial consultation. We then move forward with the design and development of the site.

Search Engine Optimization is our primary focus after we build or modify our client’s website. This is where all the magic happens and how business websites are found organically. Since the SEO landscape changes so fast, we must be on top of everything. Whether it’s a change in Google’s algorithm, or avoiding penalties, and implementing new technologies, Found Me Online got it covered.

Search Engine Marketing or what’s referred to as paid listing or advertising is another area that we help our clients. Most of our clients don’t have the familiarity with paid search advertising. Found Me Online is a Google Certified Partner; we have a professional accreditation that Google offers to demonstrate proficiency in basic and advance aspects of AdWords. From search to display ads, mobile to video advertising and shopping advertising, we are AdWords certified professionals.

Social Media Marketing is the process of getting traffic from different social media sites and platforms. We leverage our expertise with social media to brand and generate leads for our clients. Social media is such a massive endeavor; we have a staff strictly specializing in social media marketing itself.

Then, of course, there is branding. We consider branding a business is the most efficient way for people to get to know them better. It delivers the message, gives them credibility, motivates the buyer or clients, emotionally connects the target audience with the product or service, and creates loyalty. Branding is the invaluable foundation of our marketing tactic. It puts the business on the map.

Ultimately, web integration or the process of connecting all the activities that we do that’s essential in carrying out the web project efficiently; it is what we create to complete the work. It’s like bringing together all the smaller components into a single system that functions as one. Because integration is difficult to achieve all at once, we employ a short-term strategy that slowly builds towards full integration by linking together all the necessary work.

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Q: Who are the primary clients of Found Me Online?

A: Although we primarily take on mortgage and real estate firms, Found Me Online is designed to handle B2B and B2C customers. Business owners or entrepreneurs, large and small, start-ups or established, a one-man operation or full staff, they all benefit from the service that we provide. After all, all types of business need a web presence and should brand themselves online. Our clients are nationwide doing business in different types of profession.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We are continually enhancing our advance knowledge of the industry to be on top of our game. We are an ambitious firm and always developing a plan where we can introduce new features to improve the current functionality of a business site further. We plan on scaling the business and build a multi-office firm that changes the way digital marketing is done uniquely.

We want to help clients solve their business and technology needs. It’s an exhilarating time for Found Me Online, and we’re committed to providing an efficient solution to our clients, whenever and wherever they need it.