Former Scottrade VP Ryan Miano Reveals How Investing In 2020 Has Evolved With The Simplicity Of Digital Assets And Cryptocurrencies

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Businessman and Philanthropist Ryan Miano, owner of and founder of Spread the Cure says, “everyone has the capability to invest in digital assets without the complexity and exclusivity of traditional markets. The future of global investing is now with Crypto and anyone can learn.”

Proponents of decentralized digital assets say they allow people to invest in a global marketplace without cumbersome restrictions and all the unnecessary fees imposed by traditional financial systems. The tools and technologies allow anyone with a smart phone and an Internet connection to trade digital assets.

Blockchain technology records transactions and seems to provide a new and more open platform for managing financial transactions and smart contracts. Many new fintech companies are rising up to compete for individual investors on a global scale.

Those looking to understand the crypto asset landscape and diversify their portfolios now have companies like to provide educational resources.

Cryptocurrency may be the practical solution to simplifying & automating investments without all the barriers of the traditional financial system.