FLIP – The Future Of Content Distribution And Training

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Below is our recent interview with Zac Ball, CEO and Founder of FLIP:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to FLIP?

A: FLIP is a platform for accessing information and resources anytime, anywhere on any device. We’ve based our design around the Flashcard. It’s the essence of elegance and simplicity and is packed full of powerful features and functionality that boost engagement and efficiency.

We’ve created a set of “Card Type” templates that accommodate for just about anything – Videos, People, Websites, or simply a Fact – Cards can accommodate ANYTHING. Flashcard based technology is easy to use and proven to work consistently in real-world applications from training and education to sales and events.

Q: What’s wrong with the traditional eLearning courses?

A: We’ve been developing eLearning since 2001 and have learned many things as a web-based company since. What has always been persistent is the need for learning modules that can adapt to the changes in the real-world – updates have always been an expensive endeavor. Tools keep getting updated to try to accommodate, but they are missing the point – people want a simple solution when accessing information and, more importantly, content updates need to be easy for administrators. Like Google, we are able to collect massive amounts of information and break everything down to bring only the most useful and relevant information to the FLIP user when they need it most. We have the ability to deliver information and training based on the employees need and maturity-level with the organization or their career. It also enables users to customize that content to best fit their wants and needs.

Storyline, Articulate, Captivate, and Lectora are the big players in the space for web-based training – all require an actual developer to do anything advanced or with impact. We know that modules, components, and plug-ins confuse the typical content administrator. General content administrators have been asking for a simpler solution, and we answered – now we just need to get the word out that FLIP is the solution.

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Q: What are the main features of your app?

A: FLIP has many features that we are proud of, but the following list highlights the most powerful features:

•Mobile first – access anytime, anywhere
•Engaging – Interactive Cards that empower user retention and boost engagement
•Search – all content is tagged using AI
•Customize – select favorites or create custom decks
•Reference – external resources (videos, etc.) w/in cards
•Analytics – robust engine w/ extensive reporting capability
•Secure – Privacy matters, and we are Veracode Certified
•Scalable – Global infrastructure powered by AWS
•Compliance – Allows for verified testing
•Testing / Interactives – Comprehension
•Maintenance – make and push updates in minutes
•Integrates – LMS and xAPI

Q: You saved one of your clients nearly $2M in their certification and assessment process last year; could you tell us something more?

A: What a great story! In 2018 we helped one of our major clients win a Brandon-Hall Gold award for Best Advance in Compliance Training for this initiative. That happened back in 2017 – in 2018 we saw even more savings and we are in the process of the next set of Certifications which will include certification for every employee – 25K in total global users. Based on very conservative assumptions, we will soon see $10 Million in savings. We are so proud of what we’ve been able to do with FLIP – all expectations have been exceeded!

Based on user demand, our clients have since implemented FLIP into many additional areas within their organization beyond certifications, including live event support material, bio cards, repository items, surveys, and more. We are creating savings everywhere FLIP is being used – we are really excited about implementing FLIP for just about any business and can show immediate savings!

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We have a ton of ideas of where we will be taking FLIP. The possibilities are endless, and our roadmap is full of amazing goodies that are game-changers in amongst themselves. Our clients pain points and business cases have been great sources for information especially those that have gone down the white label path. We hope to make FLIP a household name. With seven Patents and counting, we are always on the lookout to innovate in the digital space and integrate original ideas into FLIP. We know we are on the right track and have a lot of work to get to – the future is bright and exciting. We are always looking for companies to partner with in joining the revolution to help shape the future of training and content distribution with us!

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Q: Current Clients.

A: Our current clients include Fortune 100 Companies, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Valspar, Mazda, FordDirect, and many more. We look forward to adding more clients that get it – the current system is broken, too expensive and doesn’t work. FLIP works and is ready to help.