Premergency Empowers Organizations And Adult Learners Who Seek Professional Development

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Below is our recent interview with Dean DiMonte, President at Premergency:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Premergency?

A: Preparing for emergencies made us who we are; our passion for life-long learning gave us a vision. Our goal is to empower organizations and adult learners who seek professional development. We accomplish this by providing innovative and fully integrated training services that allow our clients to increase your performance to meet compliance. Premergency is a people centric organization that provides tailored learning experiences, innovative Software as a Service (SaaS) based solutions and leading On-Site training programs that empowers any work force.

Q: Dean, tell us more about your background. How did you start Premergency?

A: Dean, tell us more about your background. How did you start Premergency?
As a land and flight paramedic, training was a frequent and necessary requirement for maintaining good patient care standards. Helping people and training was my passion. I knew there was a gap in critical infrastructures that have people centric organizations that lack quality training and the ability to track competency. Serendipitously we began blending onsite training into online training experiences in my paramedic practice and knew this methodology could be applied anywhere where training requirements and compliance was needed. As companies were curious about our approach, we began building custom learning management systems for them while blending competencies into a training methodology that clients could use and afford. That is when Premergency was born. Today we have many organizations that have strategic relationships with us who have built excellent training programs utilizing our technology.

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Q: Can you give us insights into your services?

A: We have 4 main learning solution services. Online Learning (via Learning Management Systems [LMS]) Onsite Training, Blended Learning (online and onsite combined) and Micro Learning (small and frequent competencies sent out to meet compliance over time).

Q: What are the benefits of online learning?

A: The main benefits utilizing our online learning approach is

• secure
• self paced
• interactive and engaging
• real time tracking
• affordable with significant cost savings to training

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We are currently working on both Artificial Intelligence and Virtual reality tools that integrate into our LMS. We are constantly improving in our agile methodology to bring the best learning solutions to market and grow our relationships with our clients. Customer service is paramount to us and we continue to provide value to our customers. The future is very bright at Premergency!