DocAuthority Delivers Data Governance Platform, Built Specifically For Both Business Users And Technical Teams

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Below is our recent interview with Steve Abbott, CEO at DocAuthority:

Q: For those who haven’t heard of it, what is the best way to describe DocAuthority?

A: “DocAuthority is THE data governance platform, built specifically for both business users as well as technical teams.”

Although data-centric enterprises have adequate strategies in place for managing their structured data, enterprises have very limited visibility into their unstructured data. Even basic data inventory seldom exists, and there’s very limited knowledge of what data exists, where it is, what it is used for, and how it is used. Furthermore, current tools are not sufficient for managing their unstructured data growth. Unstructured datasets are growing quickly. The typical Enterprise reports its unstructured data is growing 35% annually.

Enterprises are struggling to manage their unstructured data. The situation is that most are pretty immature in terms of data management.

Our novel approach creates a business data catalogue that spans all data business usages and locations, enabling both business and IT to understand what data they have, what it contains, where it resides and who has access to it. This helps our customers significantly reduce their costs and risk by managing and protecting their data efficiently and effectively.

As we are the only solution that groups data into well-defined categories DocAuthority is entrusted with safeguarding the data of many leading enterprises.

There has never been a more prominent time for a software platform that is data-centric: Protecting, Governing and Managing data first, not last. Helping business with Insights as well as Security and Protection.

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Q: Can you give us insights into your services?

A: We offer data discovery and classification, access governance, incident response, records management and data disposition. We use our technology to enable customers to undertake their data governance activities effectively and economically. This work is often compliance based but it can also be specifically directed at (say) cost savings or a migration activity. DocAuthority is a technology company but we do supply professional services to facilitate customer implementations. Due to the ease of using and deploying DocAuthority, the proportion of professional services which customers benefit from is rather less than typical.

Q: How using AI can automate and simplify approach to developing a CCPA solution?

A: The biggest obstacle organizations are facing is translating billions of unintelligible files into a manageable amount of business categories. We solve this problem through full automation using our innovative Data Evolution AI™. Furthermore, a greatly simplify the creation of an organizational data catalogue that provides an encompassing and easily understood view of corporate unstructured data.

DocAuthority is simple and straightforward to use, allowing business users clear line of sight to any privacy, regulated or commercially sensitive data.

We help organisations to create a consistent and proper handling of any data across the business enterprise, providing strategy and structure, ensuring that data is managed as an asset and transformed into meaningful information.

Like other privacy frameworks, CCPA requires businesses to identify any sensitive personal data they hold and secure it. The various global compliance regimes differ a little in their definitions of ‘sensitive personal data’ so it’s important to be cognisant of this. Fortunately, DocAuthority is language agnostic so you’ll be better supported if you operate in multiple global territories. So, whether it’s CCPA predominantly in the US, or GDPR in the EU or POPIA (for instance) in South Africa, you’ll be fully supported by DocAuthority.

What the right tool brings to a business is an approach to privacy and compliance that is economic and effective. With the volumes of data businesses hold (which also continues to grow at around a rate of 35% a year), the idea that you can achieve compliance without tooling is looking less and less viable. The right tool will automate tasks which are highly labour intensive while not over-automating. Governance still needs to sit with appropriate business decision makers.

We strive to achieve the optimum in DocAuthority. Undoubtedly, automation has a massive part to play but it is part of the process not a solution unto itself. We work closely with our customers to ensure we’re aligned with their preferences as well as published best practices relating to information security and privacy.

Q: What’s the best thing about your company that people might not know about?

A: Our AI technology (Data Evolution) is unique in the market and takes an innovative approach to solving the data identification and classification problem. With industry leading accuracy, our product provides a strong foundation for data dentification automation and policies that work for both business users and IT. DocAuthority is based on 20 years of unstructured data specialization. DocAuthority core knowledge base comes from the team that were the first to introduce a Data Leak Prevention (DLP) product to the market. DocAuthority’s CTO, Ariel Peled, holds 26 patents in the unstructured data analysis and protection field.

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Q: What are the company’s plans and goals for the future?

A: We plan to offer a simplified, integrated and easy to use data management and governance platform. We are focused on becoming the ubiquitous unstructured data management company, we are concentrating on making our insights better and more intuitive with the additional goal, to expand our Information Access Governance offering to have the most comprehensive toolset worldwide.

finally, we are working on delivering our solution across more repositories including adding an end user agent so that we can help enterprise perform their Information Governance practices on all data sets that are stored on users’ remote machines whilst the world is in lockdown.

Doing all this whilst making sure that we make our customers happy with the team having their fair share of fun doing it.