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ClearSale protects a merchant’s business by sorting orders and giving an accurate determination of fraud risk. Their manual review process ensures that suspect transactions are never denied outright, providing the highest approval rates industry-wide and virtually eliminating false positives. ClearSale manages the key performance indicators of CNP fraud management such as chargeback losses, rejected orders, fraud, response time, etc., providing end-to-end fraud management and prevention services so that merchants are free to focus on their core business. They are a 24/7 fraud prevention company, and they are always looking for and leveraging the best in the industry (tools, technologies, people, etc.).

Below is our interview with Rafael Lourenco, EVP of ClearSale:

Rafael Lourenco

Q: You’ve recently announced the release of integration module for eCommerce platform Zoey; could you tell us something more?

A: Our integration with Zoey is just one of the e-commerce platforms we are now fully integrated into. We also provide seamless protection for merchants that use: Stripe, Opencart, Volusion, Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, Prestashop, and WooCommerce, just to name a few.

We invest a lot of time into making the integration process as smooth as possible for every merchant. The integrations allow retailers to easily leverage the industry-leading fraud prevention tools from ClearSale through their preferred e-commerce platform.

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Q: What is the story behind ClearSale, how did you start?

A: ClearSale was originally started by former two time Olympic athlete, Pedro Chiamulera, in 2001. Tapping his degree in computer science from Point Loma University, he created the technology for the first anti-fraud system for Submarino (B2W) and C&A, two of Brazil’s largest retailers. As he saw the need for sustainable fraud management increase, he expanded ClearSale’s solution with advanced technology and investment in our in-house team of skilled fraud analysts.

Q: Why is CNP fraud so important?

A: For e-commerce merchants, the fraud management solution that you implement can make or break your business. Chargebacks, friendly fraud, stolen data, etc. are all threats to businesses that take credit cards online. Card not present (CNP) fraud can not only see companies lose in revenues and stolen goods, but it can also put those companies at risk of losing their merchant accounts with banks if they fall out of good standing through fraud attacks.

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Q: What should merchants know about preventing fraud for online sales?

A: The first thing that merchants need to know is that preventing fraud is not easy, and managing it yourself could result in a lot of lost time and energy. However you choose to manage your fraud, we recommend that you find a solid solution that fits your needs. Taking on a partner that provides a fully comprehensive fraud prevention strategy will not only give you back that time you need to run your business, but will also directly increase your bottom line.

How will it affect your bottom line? Protection from chargebacks can save you $50-$100 each in penalties, plus the lost packaging and shipping charges. Approving more good transactions means more revenues and better customer loyalty. The advancements that fraudsters can employ means rising revenue percentages for merchants, but a comprehensive solution will minimize this cost, and allow you to allocate your time and your staff’s time to focus on what matters most – your business.