Business Ideas: Best Spheres To Get Your Venture Going

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Starting your own business is a dream for many young adults. According to the Small Business Association, the main reason is that people want to be their own bosses. People are more interested in being autonomous and independent. And, fortunately, there are markets for that.

College is a great time for entrepreneurship. There are a lot of resources available, from lectures and classes to the potential huge target audience of students. The only issue students might worry about is the lack of time.

Usually, they have to navigate college curriculum, social life, and a part-time job. It has a lot of responsibilities. Sometimes it is hard to find the time for small businesses when there are endless papers to submit. Luckily, there is a way to get help with that. One can use the edit my paper on WritePaper service to save time and effort while getting excellent results. Editing requires a lot of focus and insights into academic requirements. It only makes sense to get professional assistance on that.

First of all, it is a fresh and objective perspective on the paper. Secondly, it is a sure way it is going to be polished to the maximum. And you’ll have time to think of business ideas and industries that are open to new entrepreneurs. Here are the best spheres to get your venture going in 2022.

Application Development

We use mobile applications almost for everything, from ordering food up to planning a trip. It is fast and extremely convenient. The mobile app development market is on the rise. Of course, there is a lot of competition, but if you have a great idea and motivation, there is enough room for new ventures.

And if you are studying in STEM, it can be a part of your curriculum or college project as well. There are ways to even get college support for your business, which is a great plus. Here are some directions to think about:

  • Try on apps for online shopping, from interior design to jewelry;
  • Data analytic apps for sports, retail, or patient care;
  • Communication and social apps (teleconferences, dating, voice translation, etc.);
  • Office apps;
  • Planning software (food, transportation, budget, goals, belongings planning);
  • Shopping assistants;
  • Financial and budgeting software;
  • Wellness and fitness apps.

Opportunities are almost endless. Think of what problem your software can solve or how it can make one’s life better.

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Online Services

Another industry on the rise is online services of all kinds. And COVID-19 pandemic only boosted this demand for getting things done from home. There are plenty of online business ideas for students to try. Think of what services you can offer and the audience that will benefit from them. Here are just a couple of examples:

  • Education, training, or courses;
  • Wellness and health;
  • SEO and social media management;
  • Copywriting and content creating platform;
  • Blogging and affiliate marketing;
  • Web and mobile development;
  • Graphic design;
  • Video editing, etc.

Take something you are good at and deliver it to the customers.

Health and Medical Industry

There is a huge demand for personalized and accessible healthcare services in the US and the world. People are looking for something more convenient and affordable. If it is a sphere you are studying at, it can be worth looking into. Or even if you are not majoring in it but want to change things for the better.

The main problems to resolve are high costs of insurance and medical services, lack of accessible biotechnology, and high demand for personalized healthcare. You can design a platform that monitors drug prices to find the best deals or make a solution for monitoring elderly patients’ health.

Green Products and Services

We are all concerned about the environment as we should be, of course. No wonder everything green is in high demand. Sustainability and global impact are something customers care about. They want to invest in more sustainable businesses and lessen their track on nature as well.

Think of how your venture can resolve that. For example, you can create a platform with your sibling that lists and explores sustainable brands. Or you can work on innovative technology that can clear pollution. Or one can start any type of subscription-based service to fight food waste or plastic waste.

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Transportation and Delivery

With the rise of online businesses and the travel industry comes the demand for transportation and delivery. It covers all spheres, from new taxi services, self-driving cars, and up to more sustainable deliveries. Almost any company in the world depends on transportation and logistics. And end-customers depend on them as well.

So the market is always ready for new ventures, whether it is logistics software that plans efficient routes, a new type of sustainable vehicle, or shared transportation.


Besides online services and app development, technology in itself is booming. It is the backbone of huge enterprises like Apple or Microsoft. But it is also something accessible for young entrepreneurs. If you are majoring in STEM, it is a great opportunity to try and make a difference.

The options are endless because technology covers all areas of our lives, from healthcare to dating. The secret is to find a niche audience and target a specific market. Stand out from the competition, work on brand identity. A great idea would be not to try and outshine those who are already successful but rather target an underrepresented customer and market.


The hospitality industry is continuously growing despite any issues it may face. According to the IBIS report, it has grown by 5% in the last five years and has no signs of slowing down.

There is a lot of space for improvement and new ventures. One can offer unique and out-of-box experiences for young adults. Or make luxury traveling easier with planning software. The industry can combine a lot in one, from technology to food and wellness. A good idea would be to look into niche audiences and niche travel.


Starting a venture is both exciting and stressful, but if it goes well, it is all worth it. Trying it out in college is a great opportunity as well. One can find like-minded people, explore available resources, and see the issues others might have missed. Look into these prospective spheres as a possible direction for your startup.