Bayshore Solutions Delivers Customized Branding, Web Design, Hosting, And Digital Marketing Solutions

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Below is our recent interview with Andy Montoya, Director of Corporate Marketing at Bayshore Solutions:

Andy Montoya

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Bayshore solutions?

A: Bayshore Solutions is an end-to-end digital agency that provides customized branding, web development & design, hosting, and digital marketing solutions utilizing an evolving methodology built over 20 years and implemented by a specialized, cross-functional team.

Q: Tell us more about your services. What makes them unique?

A: Everything we do is in-house. We have a dedicated team comprised of executives, project managers, developers, creative designers, digital marketers, and IT professionals. We’re a one-stop-shop for all our customers’ digital needs. As for our methodology, we take the time to truly understand our customers’ businesses and their goals. Our process includes diving deep into why they need a particular service, the problems they are trying to solve and the goals they’re trying to meet. We want to make sure that we are can provide the right solution as opposed to simply providing A solution. By understanding their business, challenges and pain points, we can deliver a superior product and service, customized to them, that will deliver positive results. For development, we create websites that generate revenue because we build them based on the strategic goals, specifications and target market of our customers. For digital marketing, we don’t just have one person handling any given account. We have a specialized cross-functional team that have individuals focus solely on PPC, SEO, content marketing, social media, media placements, email marketing, marketing automation and others.

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Q: How does Bayshore Solutions stay innovate in the digital space?

A: We continually push the envelope in terms of customization of our web development projects. Every project is unique and the requirements of a project are never the same from one to another. Therefore, we have to be innovative in our approach because, for any given project, there will always be pieces that are tried and true but mixed in will be new challenges based on the specifics of that project. We’re very good at marrying the two together to create something completely new and unique for each client. Our skilled development team is certified in all the platforms we build on. By taking the time to understand the coding behind each platform and become certified, our developers are able to resolve issues, accommodate requests and get creative when overcoming roadblocks.

Q: How is online marketing different today than it was just a few years ago?

A: A few years ago, a business could get away with a cookie-cutter website and generic messaging for anyone and everyone coming into their marketing funnel. These days, websites need to be personalized to the needs, desires and wants of the target audience of a business. And the messaging needs to be further refined to the different sub-segments of that target audience. A clear, segmented and targeted marketing funnel is needed to generate qualified leads. This is where the marriage of strategy and development come into play. Bayshore Solutions can’t create a website that will help grow a business if we don’t understand the business, their goals and their audience. Our customers are facing an online world that has an extreme amount of noise from millions of websites saying “look at me!” With technology, we’re able to build websites and create marketing campaigns that will resonate, speak to, and engage the exact audience that is in need of our customers’ products and services.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We don’t just sell websites, we provide customized solutions. We don’t just do digital marketing, we help your business grow and generate revenue. And we don’t do anything without a strategy behind it that can be measured. We have an amazing team that’s growing along with the company. Because of all this, our future holds more customers, bigger accounts, year-over-year growth, a larger team and higher brand recognition. For the coming years, we want to be the go-to local agency in Tampa and Denver and generate a significantly larger footprint on a national scale.