Sofia Locks Delivers Cloud And Smartphone Based Access Control Platforms

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We met Sofia Locks at CEBIT 2018 and asked Alessandro Nacci, one of the founders, to give us interesting insights about their venture.

Acky Kamdar

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Sofia Locks?

A: Sofia Locks is a dynamic Italian software house founded by and gathering a group of high qualified engineers. We developed a cloud based access control system that is highly secure and effortlessly integrable. Since 2016 we are in partnership with ISEO Group for providing the market with cutting edge access control solutions.

Q: What does it mean to provide access control today and who is your ideal customer?

A: We brought access control to the cloud: this is a strategic move that makes our systems highly available, formidably secure and competitive. These are also the principles we follow by developing our software: reliability, security and efficiency. What shall be kept in mind is that a cloud solution is the only reliable solution to securely deliver digital keys to smartphones, the devices dominating today’s market and the future’s.

On our ideal customer: we may serve a wide variety of customers interested in remote access control, advanced security and smart space management, through our solid access control system and its complete API. Besides that we also offer two main products tailored for the most demanding market segments.

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Q: Could you provide our readers a brief introduction of these main products?

A: Otello is our product dedicated to hotels and B&B, that allows hospitality managers to seamlessly create, control and ship virtual keys, and guests to access their rooms with nothing but their own smartphone. Otello is convenient, cutting off all the physical keys or badges costs, and very secure, in that entrances are logged, keys expire on the end of the reservation and access can be revoked at any time. Imagine a scenario where keys can’t be lost or be copied, and guests can check-in at any time during day or night without the physical presence of the manager: this is effortlessly possible with Otello.

Luckey is an innovative product for co-working spaces, offices, congress centers, retail and large spaces. It simply takes away the hassle of access control management, meeting remote control, advanced functionalities and simplicity. With Luckey access profiles can be shaped after any business need and time plan, thanks to a unique assignment scheme. What does it mean? Let’s take a co-working space for example: Luckey provides a single system for managing annual and shorter term subscriptions, that grants different access permissions to several spaces like main areas, meeting rooms or private spaces. Each user is going to receive his digital keychain on personal smartphone and with the smartphone itself is going to be able to access every space accordingly to his own profile.

Q: You’ve recently announced partnership with Allnet. Italia and ISEO Group; could you tell us something more?

A: This is a very exciting news for us. We have been working with ISEO for the past three years, building a solid collaboration in development and product delivery. We found the perfect partner in ISEO for the formidable quality and smart design of their products that perfectly blend with our systems. On the other hand, ALLNET.Italia brings its top expertize in the distribution of innovative digital products, being the perfect fit for both us and ISEO in the diffusion of smart locking solutions. We could not wish for better partners.

Q: What are your plans for the near future?

A: For what concerns our products, we are constantly improving them under every aspect. Along with security enhancements, research and development for a cutting edge performance, we are improving our products interfaces and usability.

Under a business point of view, we are already serving customers around the world, as far as Australia. Sofia Locks is born with a global DNA and its nature is growing day by day by getting new opportunities worldwide.

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Q: Finally, what is the best thing about a cloud based access control system that people may not know about?

A: Cloud based systems are very secure, more than any on premise solution, and at a much lower cost (consider there are no maintenance costs for the customer). Nevertheless we added more layers of security on top of cloud standards by implementing financial level encryption, dual factor authentication and additional security for the bluetooth communication layer with the most advanced technologies.