API Security Innovator, Pynt, Secures $6 Million In Seed Funding

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Pynt - your self serve api security autopilot

The Story Behind the Name

“We chose ‘Pynt’ because it’s short, memorable and reflects our love for developers and a good beer,” says Pynt Co-Founder and CEO Tzvika Shneider. The company’s motto humorously states: “A Pynt a day keeps your CISO away…”

Revolutionizing API Security

Pynt is on a mission to revolutionize the way developers and security professionals test their API security. Originating from Tel Aviv, the company recently announced a successful $6 million seed funding round. This round was spearheaded by Joule Ventures and saw participation from Dallas VC and Honeystone VC.

The Team Behind Pynt

The core team at Pynt consists of CEO Tzvika Shneider, CTO Ori Goldberg, CSO Golan Yosef, and CPO Ofer Hakimi. This team is no stranger to the cybersecurity world, having previously developed Harman’s automotive cybersecurity solution.

Automation at its Best

In a world where cybersecurity professionals are in high demand, Pynt is striving to automate API security testing. The company seamlessly integrates with popular tools like Postman and Newman. In fact, Postman’s CEO and Co-Founder, Abhinav Asthana, is an angel investor in Pynt. Users can access Pynt’s services directly from the Postman app or use it as a Newman command line wrapper. The platform can transform a team’s existing functional tests into comprehensive security tests, targeting common OWASP vulnerabilities.

The Importance of API Security

“API security is top of mind for security professionals and business stakeholders alike,” emphasizes Shneider. He likens an API to a door leading to one’s castle, emphasizing the importance of both its design and its guardians. With Pynt, teams gain enhanced visibility into their overall security posture, enabling them to identify vulnerabilities early and manage them proactively.

Future Plans and Vision

Pynt is already serving several Fortune 500 companies. With the fresh funding, the company aims to further develop a self-serve platform that not only identifies security issues but also rectifies them automatically. While many of Pynt’s features are accessible in its free community edition, the enterprise plan offers added functionalities like the API catalog, single sign-on support, and API gateway integrations.

A Promising Future

Brian Rosenzweig, founding partner at Joule Ventures, believes in Pynt’s vision. He states, “Pynt’s unique approach to securing APIs pre-production is the next logical step for enterprises looking to embrace ‘shift left’ best practices.” He further praises the Pynt team for their blend of experience, technical prowess, and vision, foreseeing a significant impact in the API Security market.

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