An Interview With Gilbert Corbella, Co-Founder & Chairman At The Mining Future

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Below is our recent interview with Gilbert Corbella, Co-Founder & Chairman at The Mining Future:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to your company?

A: The Mining Future is leading the Bitcoin mining democratisation on Main Street. Despite being one of the leading-edge investments, Bitcoin mining has not yet achieved the good reputation it deserves among the masses. Our mission is to take part in the paradigm shift and stigmatise Bitcoin mining to the uninitiated, making it accessible to everybody in a sustainable, transparent, and reliable way so a better future for our societies can be built. We aim to break all physical or technical barriers for our customers, so that anybody can benefit of accessing sustainable Bitcoin Mining from the comfort of their home. We offer as well a range of products and services to wholesale customers and we help them to find renewable and profitable locations to start their mining operations.

Over last months we have worked hard to build solid supply chains to offer mining hardware globally at very competitive prices to both retail and wholesalers, as well as becoming a recognised broker to enable our customers to remotely operate their miners in reliable mid-size and large mining facilities that use 100% renewable energy. We make sure to validate and certify each and every hosting datacenter before we offer it to our customers, so that we ensure high levels of satisfaction. At the moment we are offering hosting services in four different datacenters in the crypto-friendly jurisdiction of Georgia (Europe), as well as a fifth datacenter located in the Georgian Free Industrial Zone that will start operations in July 2022, with obvious tax advantages for our customers. We are working hard to expand our hosting offerings to other clean energy locations around the globe.

Q: Any highlights on your recent announcement?

A: The Mining Future recently signed a partnership with GRNBi, a leading company in global digital mining and energy that offer a full suite of products and services. We are very happy with the partnership as both companies will strengthen and mutually benefit working together to identify and source low-cost power project sites for digital mining purposes. Right now, we have a mutual project located in Georgia using hydroelectric power only, but we will be working together to expand our reach to other locations as well.

In addition, this partnership will increase our mutual competitiveness as we will offer our customers access to world-class design, engineering, and manufacturing of crypto infrastructure including green power generation, cost-effective mining enclosures, and electrical solutions.

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Q: Can you give us more insights into your offering?

A: We believe in Bitcoin Mining being a real catalyst to accelerate the clean energy transition. Thanks to its economic incentives, we are already seeing large corporations, energy companies and other institutions, or even countries like El Salvador, that are investing and will keep doing so in monetising their energy excess. In this context, we want to see not only the big money behind these investments, but as well give a chance to smaller investors to benefit from this opportunity.

Therefore, our offering relies on three elements. First, we offer very competitive prices on all top performing crypto mining equipment from recognised manufacturers like Bitmain, MicroBT or Cannan. Second, we enable our customers to mine remotely from their homes by leveraging our network of mining facility partners that use only 100% renewable energy. Third, we eliminate the technical barriers at all levels by simplifying the mining experience; our customers just need to sit back and see their Bitcoin profits in their wallet.

Additionally, we do offer as well a range of crypto mining consulting services to bigger customers or wholesalers, either helping in securing and shipping large volume of mining hardware, finding sustainable low-cost power locations, or supporting in terms of infrastructure design and installation.

Q: What can we expect from your company in next 6 months? What are your plans?

A: Right now, we are developing our own mobile application, so that our customers will access an all-in-one solution. They will be able to check their mining stats, have their own non-custody Bitcoin wallet, exchange to any fiat currency in few clicks, and even having a Bitcoin Debit Card to access the funds anytime. We expect to have the first beta version released by the end of 2022 to selected customers, and have a full release by half 2023.

Additionally, we are planning to announce few partnerships to expand our network of mining facilities to other locations, more in particular in Spain, Sweden, Finland and in South America.

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Q: What is the best thing about your company that people might not know about?

A: Nowadays, while still suffering from global post-pandemic effects, most people are looking for new paradigms to find investment opportunities to protect their savings. Unfortunately, banks and common investment vehicles are not producing enough returns to keep ahead of the world’s increasing inflation. In this context, we realized the big social opportunity The Mining Future has to offer.

We are sure of the benefits Bitcoin will bring to our societies in the long run, as well as Bitcoin mining being a catalyst on the green energy transition. We all have something to win in here. However, today’s Bitcoin adoption across the World remains low, estimated around 10-15% of the active population, and people invested in Bitcoin mining represents just a very tiny portion of them.

In this context, we have a genuine will to provide our customers the best Bitcoin mining experience, contributing positively to their long term financial goals, while benefiting our societies as a whole.