An Interview With Fabio Todeschini, The Founder And General Manager Of Blubrake

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We had the opportunity to interview Fabio Todeschini, the Founder and General Manager of blubrake:

Q: What is Blubrake?

A: Blubrake is a leading company that develops and produces advanced mechatronic systems focused on braking and sensing applications for e-bikes.

The main focus of Blubrake is the development of the only ABS (anti-lock braking system) on the market for e-bikes, s-pedelec and e-cargo that can be fully integrated inside the frame and that can drastically increase safety on every kind of bike.

The company was founded in 2015 and it is composed by a team of 20+ top level multidisciplinary engineers coming from Formula 1 and Motor racing experience, who apply the most advanced automotive technologies to light electric vehicles, in order to improve safety and ease the transition towards a greener and more sustainable mobility.

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Q: Can you tell us something more about your technology? What’s so special about your products?

A: Surveys show that 58% of the accidents involving e-bikes happen during the braking phase and 24% are related to a sudden braking. Blubrake ABS drastically reduces the risk of front wheel lock-up and rear wheel lift-off and guarantees a safer cycling experience on every kind of e-bike and on every terrain.

The ABS system developed by Blubrake is the only one on the market that can be fully hidden inside the frame of the bike. Moreover, the company developed specific ABS systems for e-bikes, e-cargo bikes and S-Pedelecs.

Blubrake ABS is composed by four elements: a speed sensor measures the front wheel speed and transmits the information to the electronic unit, that estimates the e-bike dynamics starting from the measurements collected by the frame acceleration sensors and the front speed sensor, then detects potentially dangerous conditions that can occur during hard braking.

In such conditions, the actuator intervenes and continuously controls the hydraulic pressure of the front brake to guarantee smoother braking and increased stability and manoeuvrability of the e-bike and an HMI displays the correct functioning of the system.

Q: Who would be your ideal customer and why?

A: Our partners choose Blubrake because they are looking for an innovative and reliable solution that could combine both design and safety through the invisible and integrated ABS system.

The added safety bought by Blubrake ABS removes the barriers linked to safety concerns and makes e-bikes safer and riding experiences more enjoyable, indeed every e-bike rider or potential user can benefit of this technology. From the mother who takes her child to school to the athletes who ride along mountain paths on their own e-mtb, from the manager who has to cycle through the city traffic to get to work to postman or delivery guy who have to be nimble and fast among the cars – for every user an ABS system is a true advantage.

Q: What makes Blubrake unique in the market?

A: Blubrake ABS for e-bikes, S-Pedelecs and e-cargo bikes are unique on the market as they can be integrated inside the bikes frame and don’t impact on the bike design. The systems are open, meaning that they can be integrated with every battery pack and braking system on the market. Moreover, the sophisticated algorithms can predict every dynamic of the bike and the system correctly works in every situation and on every terrain, even the more slippery ones.

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Q: What can we expect from Blubrake in next 12 months?

A: At the moment, we are on the market with 3 leading e-bike manufacturers as Bulls, Crescent and Trefecta and the e-bikes powered by Blubrake ABS are available in more than 1,500 stores across Europe. We are in contact with international players of the e-bike industry and in the next months we are going to announce major partnerships in order to extend the range of the bikes equipped with Blubrake ABS.