Afinia L801 Memjet Color Label Printer: Fast, High Quality Label Production with Low Cost of Ownership

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Afinia Label’s L801 Memjet color label printer blends supersonic speeds with Memjet technology to print large quantities of high quality, pre-die-cut high resolution color labels quickly and on demand. The L801 is a true workhorse that also brings a low total cost of ownership to businesses that print from 3,000 to 100,000 labels per month. Whether looking to upgrade from an entry-level color label printer, such as the Afinia L301, or move label production in-house, the Afinia L801 is a worthy contender for mid- to high-volume label production.

Afinia L801 Color Label Printer Overview

Powered by Memjet-technology, the Afinia L801 is one of the fastest digital color label printers on the market. It is commonly used by manufacturers, print shops, and medium- to large businesses to print rolls of full color labels.
Highlights of the Afinia L801 include:

• Speed and quality — The L801 prints 1600dpi, full color labels at 60 feet per minute thanks to the stationary Memjet “waterfall” print head. Instead of traveling back and forth across the label like regular inkjet print heads, this print head stays in place, distributing 700 million drops of ink per second across the entire width of the label as the label passes through it. Meanwhile, CMYKK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and double black) ink tanks produce vivid colors with deep blacks for crisp contrast.

• Lower ink costs — Memjet technology and large ink tanks, which hold 1.25 liters of ink, work together to reduce ink costs. In fact, the L801 leads the industry with its low ink costs.

• Fast-drying ink — This is crucial when printing at high speed. The inks used by the Afinia L801 dry instantly, resulting in smudge-free labels — even when immediately handled or rewound onto a label roll.

• Prints large format labels — The L801 prints labels as narrow as two inches all the way to 8 1/2 inches wide by 40 inches in length.

• Integrated unwinder — The Afinia L801 includes an integrated unwinder (an optional rewinder is available, sold separately, for roll-to-roll printing).

• Label press — The Afinia L801, when combined with a label rewinder, can also be used as a label press.
See the full specifications for the Afinia L801 at

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Who Should Buy the Afinia L801?

The Afinia L801 Memjet label printer is a cost-effective label printing solution for businesses that print at least 3,000 to 100,000 labels per month. The 3,000-label threshold is the “tipping point” where the L801 begins to provide a return on investment. Entry-level inkjet label printers become cost-prohibitive and inefficient at higher volumes due to their higher ink costs and slower print speeds.

Any business that is currently using the Primera LX810 or LX900 color label printer and prints more them 3,000 labels per month should seriously look at purchasing the Afinia L801. They will see a huge drop in ink cost per label as well as increased speed and performance. The Primera LX900 also uses dye-based ink.

Businesses that want to produce their own product labels for food, wine, coffee, tea, cosmetics, and cannabis requiring a variety of labels sizes should consider the L801 since it can print up to 8” wide die cut labels.

Label manufacturers, print shops, UPS Stores, and Kwick Copy stores that resell printed labels and that want to produce digital labels to help meet small run needs for their business are a great fit for the Afinia L801. The L801 allows for printing just 100 labels or 10,000 labels very quickly and at a very low cost.

Anyone looking for a label press to use with a digital label finishing and label cutter. The L801 handles material up to 8.5” wide from paper-based to polypropylene, vinyl and polyesters to tags stocks.

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Benefits of High Speed Label Printing with the Afinia L801

Printing labels at a speed of 60 feet per minute, the Afinia L801 allows for:

• Dye inkjet using Memjet Technology
• Print label sizes: 2” x 1” to 8” x 40”
• 1600 dpi color print resolution
• High speed printing – 12 ips (60 feet per minute)
• 5 cartridge system (CMYKK) – large 250ml cartridge for large print jobs
• Use 8” OD label rolls with 3” core
• Windows drivers included
• USB 2 & Ethernet interface
• Print on blank pre-die-cut labels or use as label press

Afinia L801 Strengths

The Afinia L801 excels in speed, vibrant colors of the dye inks, quality, performance, and total cost of ownership. It can be configured with an optional rewinder and SoftRIP RIP software for even greater versatility. The Afinia L801 has the lowest ink cost per label for a dye inkjet color label printer in the industry. It can be used as a blank pre-die cut label printer, or when combined with a rewinder, as an 8.5-inch-wide label press, which can be combined with a digital label cutter to produce labels quickly on demand.

Afinia L801 Weaknesses

A potential downside of the L801 is its initial cost. However, many business owners have found that leasing an L801 is a great way to go, especially if they’re upgrading from an inkjet with high consumable costs. The monthly ink savings alone when upgrading from an entry-level inkjet to the Afinia L801 often cover the cost of leasing an L801.

Minimum media width is 2 inches. If you wanted to print a really small label and needed to have it 1 UP so you can print it and apply it using your label applicator, then you’d have to use 2-inch wide media to make the 1-inch wide label. There is some waste. However, if you were hand applying, then you could make the 1” label 2 UP; therefore, there would be no waste and you would get the most efficient use of the label material and reduce your cost per label. All printers have a minimum media width ranging from 1 inch to 3 inches.

In addition to the Memjet print head, there are several wear and tear parts like the service station that need to be changed periodically depending on how many labels you print. Someone with some technology understanding is required to change these components. When not done properly, some of the components could become damaged, therefore requiring more repairs from the manufacturer. This type of service and component replacement are required on all Memjet Technology-based printers and are not exclusive to Afinia Label.

Since the Afinia L801 and all Memjet Technology-based color label printers use dye-based inks, labels printed with these printers cannot produce GHS BS5609 compliant labels. The dye-based inks will produce photographic quality labels with vibrant colors, but do not offer the type of durability required for GHS BS5609 chemical labels where the label needs to be able to withstand salt water immersion for 12 months and long-term UV protection. For GHS BS5609 compliant labels, pigment inkjet or laser-based printers are the only option. The Afinia L801 can produce standard GHS labels but not GHS BS5609 labels.

Afinia L801 Costs

The Afinia L801 retails for $7,995 USD. Memjet technology and ink tanks that hold 250ml of ink each (1.25 liters total) bring down the cost of ink substantially. A large variety of continuous and pre-die-cut label rolls are available for the Afinia L801. With its 8-5-inch media width, the Afinia L801 can bring the per label cost down even further by printing multiple labels across the width of the roll.

In addition to the five large 250ml Memjet ink cartridges that you need to replace over time (CMYKK – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and two Blacks), you also have to replace the Memjet print head, Memjet service station, and after a couple of years of service, there may be some rollers due to wear and tear.

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Where to Buy the Afinia L801 Color Label Printer

DuraFast Label Company sells the Afinia L801 Memjet color label printer and press to businesses in USA and Canada. Even better, DuraFast Label Company is offering up to $500 in free labels (for a limited time with discount code L801) when the Afinia L801 is purchased directly from A post-purchase promotion worth another $500 in free labels is also being offered (for a limited time) for submitting a L801 printer review when prompted to do so by Verified Reviews, a third party product review company. By doing a review, your feedback helps others to understand your experience with this printer and the company.

Why choose DuraFast Label Company for your Afinia L801 printer needs?

Not only does DuraFast Label Company sell the Afinia L801 color label printer along with all the supplies, they can also custom make labels to your specific requirements. The optional Wasatch SoftRIP is also great if you need color enhance capabilities. When you set up your L801, DuraFast is there to help you through the whole process, so that you can quickly start producing your labels.