Zadara Raises $25M To Help Organizations Eliminate Risks Associated With Enterprise Data Storage

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Zadara uses a combination of industry-standard hardware and patented Zadara software to deliver the power of enterprise-class data storage and management — with the convenience of the cloud. Below is our recent interview with Nelson Nahum, CEO of Zadara Storage:

Nelson Nahum

Q: Nelson, tell us what is Zadara? Please explain your enterprise cloud storage solution.

A: We like to say Zadara® is zero-risk enterprise cloud storage. We help organizations eliminate the technical, operational and financial risks associated with enterprise data storage, by providing industry-leading enterprise data storage solutions as a fully-managed service, with a 100%-uptime guarantee and consumption-based pricing. Any data type. Any protocol. Any location. Zadara is available via public clouds, managed service providers, data centers, colocation partners, and on premises in customers’ data centers.

Q: You have recently raised $25M, could you tell us more about your recent funding round?

A: This round of funding is from new and existing investors. Thanks to a stable platform and streamlined operations, the company is very close to profitability right now. This new money will be used to expand operations, sales and marketing, and support. We are excited to team up with IGP, the lead investor in this round, because they understand how to help companies like ours navigate the challenges of growing quickly and achieving large scale.

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Q: What makes Zadara unique in the market?

A: Besides being the first company to introduce enterprise-class storage-as-a-service, our ability to deliver physical assets (servers, storage, etc.) on premises and manage those assets for customers, while charging them only for what they actually use, truly sets us apart. We can do this because we set ourselves up from day one as a services company with a technology foundation, rather than as a technology company that happens to offer services.

Q: What’s the long-term potential for your company?

A: Zadara sits at the forefront of an industry-wide movement toward infrastructure as a service and the convergence of storage and compute resources. Our patented technology can be used to create ‘as a service’ solutions for a variety of IT challenges, include edge/fog computing and hybrid cloud. We define the long-term potential for Zadara in terms this changing business landscape, where enterprise IT customers seek service solutions rather any particular technology.

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Q: What can we expect from Zadara in the future?

A: Other than what is above, I would add that Zadara is making a name for itself as an innovator, and I expect that to continue. We are a company full of storage industry veterans who like to think differently, and I expect you will see more innovations, including new services, as we grow and the market changes.