Wisdom Ventures Secures $10M In Fund I To Boost Human Connection Technologies

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Wisdom Ventures - Building a future of greater human connection and wellbeing

Wisdom Ventures, an innovative venture capital firm committed to promoting mindfulness, compassion, well-being, and human connection, has announced the successful closure of its inaugural Fund I with an oversubscribed raise of $10 million. This accomplishment marks a significant milestone for Wisdom Ventures and reflects the growing interest in this opportunity-rich field and trust in its esteemed Limited Partners (LPs).

Wisdom Ventures’ Unique Approach

Since its initial $5 million close last year, Wisdom Ventures has strategically deployed its capital in fifteen start-ups, engaging with nearly 150 founder teams. The firm has made investments in leading AI companies and numerous mental health, workplace well-being, and psychotropics companies such as Betterleave, Alkeme, Seven Starling, Juno, Ami, and more.

Notable Investors in Fund I

Fund I attracted notable investors including Reid Hoffman (Founder of LinkedIn), Elizabeth Koch (Founder of Unlikely Collaborators), Evan Williams (Founder of Medium), Esther Dyson (Chair of EdVenture and Founder of WellVille), Jeff Weiner (Executive Chairman of LinkedIn), Danielle Krettek (Founder of Google Empathy Lab), Ho Nam (Altos Ventures), and more.

The Team Behind Wisdom Ventures

The firm’s exceptional team comprises seasoned professionals with diverse expertise. Notably, Bradley Horowitz, a long-term Google executive, brings invaluable insights to the team. Other team members include Ruchika Sikri (Former Head of Well-being Learning at Google), Cecily Mak (start-up COO, attorney, and revenue lead), Diego Perez (NYT Best Selling author known as Yung Pueblo), Soren Gordhamer (Founder of Wisdom 2.0), and Jack Kornfield (Renowned meditation teacher and author).

Commitment to Diversity

Dedicated to advancing diversity in both investment efforts and the broader ecosystem, Wisdom Ventures proudly showcases 50% of their LPs and 80% of their founders representing diverse gender, race, and age demographics. The firm has received interest from over 900 founders seeking funding, while more than 200 investors have expressed interest in investing in the firm.

Future Plans

As Wisdom Ventures distributes investments from Fund I, they are simultaneously laying the groundwork for a larger Fund II. The firm remains committed to supporting its portfolio companies, providing not only financial backing but also supporting their growth and overall well-being.

This significant fundraising milestone for Fund I marks a crucial step for Wisdom Ventures as it aims to revolutionize the future of technologies driving human connection, setting the stage for a new era in the venture capital industry.

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