VIPole Provides Secure And Encrypted Communications With Unified Experience Across Desktops And Mobiles

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VIPole is the world’s leading provider of secure unified communications offering a wide range of products for individual users, up to cloud-based team accounts and on-premise solutions for total security. VIPole apps were developed with focus on security and privacy and facilitate secure communications within trusted circles of friends, teams and corporate networks. Below is our interview with Catherine Long, from VIPole:

Q: Catherine, tell us something more about VIPole Private Messenger?

A: VIPole Private Messenger is one of the most secure free messaging apps for individuals available in stores. Released in 2013, it has come a long way in terms of features and security and is now one of the few apps that is a proper alternative to WhatsApp, Telegram and Skype.

VIPole business solution is a fully featured communication platform for secure conversations, group chats, audio, calls, video meetings, file sharing, secure password management and effective collaboration amongst its basic functionally.

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Q: What is unique about VIPole and how does it stand out from competition?

A: Designed specifically for commercial application, VIPole is the only system that allows fine-grain administrative control over security settings. The degree of control company CIOs obtain over encryption settings of teams and individual users is far more comprehensive than in any other encrypted communications systems. Security officers can create mixtures of policies for user groups, assign limited rights, set permissions, and restrict access to client data – all to ensure a secure perimeter for communications within teams and between clients and companies. In VIPole, it’s possible for files, conversations, group conferences, passwords and other data to be completely locked-down with unbreakable encryption. Other features allow sensitive data to be remote-wiped from compromised devices, making it ideal for use by a mobile workforce. VIPole business suits are available as a cloud service, or an on-premise solution.

Q: What is priority #1 of the business?

A: VIPole is a company with a strong customer-oriented culture where the management truly believes that the most important asset in the game are people. Every day we engage directly with our users to stay connected with their needs, always searching for ways to keep VIPole customers front and center. A business is only successful when the team behind it understands the importance of human involvement, that constant feedback from customer base is the most powerful source of innovation and agility. This is why in VIPole, we pay close attention to user requests. We make sure every opinion counts by introducing new features and enhancing the existing functionality to meet the needs of our dedicated customers and provide the best experience.

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Q: What geographic markets are you focusing on currently?

A: Today the global messaging market remains fragmented, including encrypted business messengers that are gaining wider popularity in light of recent changes in legislature, especially amongst EU countries. VIPole, the leading provider of secure unified communications, is a niche solution that empowers secure business communications, boosting productivity and facilitating effective collaboration within successful teams and large companies. VIPole solutions are available worldwide and widely used among US and UK companies where English is the primary language. The company is in process of localizing the software, making to possible for Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, French, Russian and Japanese businesses to deploy the fully featured system with versatile but effective security.

Q: What are your plans for next four months?

A: VIPole secure solutions are focused on solving major industry communication problems with a comprehensive approach, exclusive renovated functionality and provision of timely protection through a robust solution for secure teamwork and collaboration. Delivering a high-end enterprise grade platform in terms of security and compliance produced by a community of leading industry experts is the number one priority. Since 2013 VIPole has been delivering secure and compliant messaging for enterprise collaboration, enabling users to retain full control of their data over the wire and at rest, by virtue of full client side encryption technology. Based on modern, cloud and big data technologies VIPole provides the safest environment for collaboration, taking on business productivity to the next level.