V Channels Brings A Technology Approach To Independent Filmmaking

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Launched in 2021, Beverly Hills, California-based V Channels is breaking new ground in the production and distribution of independent films by financing its own projects and licensing them directly to the main streaming platforms in the US and internationally. The company’s founder, Mario Niccolo Messina, hails from the world of technology rather than entertainment, and applies his extensive technology background into the determining which film projects V Channels will finance and market. We sat down with Messina to understand how technology plays a role in v Channels’ innovative approach to the world of indie filmmaking.

Q: Can you tell us about the journey of V Channels and the company’s mission to disrupt the traditional movie distribution industry?

A: My background is technology, and together with my team, we have created a series of algorithms that basically position us as ‘futurists,’ where we can learn what consumers are looking for in movie entertainment. In fact, our proprietary approach can be used to determine consumer taste in virtually all product categories, from apparel to automotive. For now, we are focusing on independent filmmaking. More specifically, our user-centric and data-driven approach determines which genres and projects will be green-lit for financing and production by assessing the viability of genres and storylines.

Q: What role does your proprietary technology play in the overall operations of V Channels?

A: The V Channels algorithms are at the core of shaping V Channels’ content strategy and production decisions. By harnessing data collected from platforms like YouTube, the algorithm identifies promising genres and storylines for maximum audience engagement, ensuring that V Channels’ movie content resonates with target audiences and maximizes reach. This approach ensures that V Channels’ movie content resonates with target audiences, maximizes reach, and empowers emerging filmmakers by providing valuable exposure and revenues.

Q: How has V Channels’ data-driven approach altered the film financing and distribution landscape for independent filmmakers and audiences?

A: V Channels provides a distinct alternative to traditional models that may not meet the financing and distribution needs of independent filmmakers. By offering financing, revenue sharing, and a robust distribution network, V Channels empowers filmmakers to bring their creative visions to life without shouldering financial risks. This approach is reshaping the landscape for both filmmakers and audiences. Essentially, V Channels sets itself apart from the traditional studios by supporting emerging filmmakers and eliminating their financial burdens. Plus, through our technology-driven process, we can discover new filmmaking talent while meeting the indie entertainment appetite of streamer acquisition executives and audiences. Thus far, the company has financed and produced 100 feature films and 60 documentaries, providing a platform for independent filmmakers to bring their creative visions to life without shouldering financial risks. This commitment has been instrumental in V Channels’ rapid growth and expansion.

Q: What are the key accomplishments and milestones that V Channels has achieved since its inception in 2021 and what do you plan in terms of production for the short-term future?

A: V Channels has achieved several significant milestones since our 2021 inception, including financing and producing 100 feature films and 60 documentaries that stream on major platforms in the US and internationally. Notably, V Channels titles have surpassed 6 billion streams, underscoring the company’s success in empowering emerging filmmakers and reshaping the traditional movie distribution landscape. For the future, V Channels aims to fund more than 300 features with a focus on action, thrillers, horror, and mystery genres, as well as 300 documentaries over the next three years. V Channels’ commitment to financing and producing indie films has been instrumental in the company’s rapid growth and expansion. By financing filmmakers, V Channels provides unprecedented direct financial, marketing and distribution support to independent filmmakers, empowering them to thrive in an ever-changing distribution landscape. The company’s data-driven strategies, financial support for filmmakers, and robust distribution network are helping to redefine the landscape of film financing and distribution for indie filmmakers and audiences alike.