US Based Manufacturer ClearCube Technology Delivers Innovative Centralized Computing And Desktop Virtualization Solutions

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Below is our recent interview with Saad Hussain, from ClearCube Technology:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to ClearCube Technology?

A: ClearCube Technology is an innovative technology leader in centralized computing and desktop virtualization, developing specialized VDI endpoints (Thin Clients, Zero Clients), Mini PCs, Blade PCs, and VDI software solutions for the entire range of users in any organization.

One of the things that make ClearCube unique is our ability to customize hardware and software solutions to meet our customer needs. Technology solutions are rarely one-size-fits-all, and many vendors supply components rather than complete solutions, at ClearCube we offer solution completeness, so you don’t have to worry about surprises or having to go through the compatibility testing, sourcing coordination, and most importantly – undetermined support responsibilities. We stand by our products with responsive support and eliminate the finger-pointing that often occurs with non-solutions-oriented approaches.

Today, our solutions are utilized in government agencies, cybercommand, DOE national laboratory systems, emergency operations centers, trading floors, healthcare, oil & gas exploration, enterprise, and service providers where flexibility, security, uptime, redundancy, regulation compliance, and manageability are critical requirements.

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Q: Can you give us insights into your products?

A: ClearCube offers a broad portfolio of powerful, cost-effective, secure, and reliable hardware and software solutions to help our customers embrace their workforce transformation while meeting their IT budget. No matter what users you have in your organization, there is a ClearCube solution to meet their unique needs.

We offer the widest selection VDI endpoints in the market, with over 22 Zero Clients, 9 Thin Clients, 5 Multi-Level Security Zero Clients, and 2 TEMPEST certified Zero Clients. Thin and Zero clients are endpoint devices you can use to connect to a remote machine and manag in a centralized computing infrastructure. The key differences between Thin and Zero Clients are that Zero Clients have no operating system, no moving parts, no removable storage, and uses the PCoIP protocol to operate, while Thin Clients have an operating system, a few moving parts, removable storage, and usually supports different protocols such as Microsoft RDP, Teradici PCoIP, Citrix HDX and VMware Blast Extreme to operate.

For those users requiring a dedicated machine that does not depend on shared processing, memory, and storage, CleaCube offers two NUC Mini PCs and a wide range of dedicated 1:1 Blade PCs and Engineering Workstations.

Based on the Intel Next Unit of Computing and harnessing the efficiencies of the standard ClearCube CD desktop form factor, DTi NUC Mini PCs are all about eliminating clutter and working smart. These Mini PCs clears the busy end user’s cube of redundant and unnecessary IT products while delivering exceptional multimedia and 4K graphics for an immersive and unrivaled IT experience. On the other hand, Blade PCs are computers stored inside thin and modular circuit cards which reside in a secure data centers/centralized location. We offer three different Blade PCs categories, the R-series, the A-series, and the M-series. The R-series Blade PCs delivers powerful datacenter-to-desktop computing capabilities for the entire range of users in your organization (Office / Wed / Video / MP3), the A-series Blade PCs delivers high-performance computing solution for power users with robust graphics applications needs(GrFx / DEV / GIS / BIS / CAD / CAM), and the M-series Blade PCs delivers outstanding performance computing solution for power users with high-end CAD, GIS and 3D graphics needs (3D / GIS / CAD / CAM / Videdit)

Last but not least, ClearCube also offers software solutions to complement your deployment, such as the Cloud Desktop OS with Management, the Sentral Management Software, and Teradici All Access Plans.

ClearCube Cloud Desktop OS and Desktop Management is a minimal-footprint operating system option for ClearCube thin clients, that comes with support for Citrix HDX, VMware View, Microsoft RDP, and a wide range of terminal services and virtual desktops. This efficient operating system transforms any desktop hardware (PCs, laptops, and thin clients) into secure and centrally managed thin endpoints and enables administrators to centrally-manage secure and virus-proof thin clients that can connect to hosted desktops, cloud-hosted desktops, or centrally-hosted applications out of the box.

Sentral® Management Software Suite consists of software tools that enhance Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure (VMware® VDI) and Centralized Desktop Infrastructure(PCoIP® Blade PCs, zero and thin clients) environments by adding enhanced connection brokering and element management capabilities. The Sentral® Connection Broker allows zero client users to log in from anywhere and be directed to specific centralized Blade PCs, and the Sentral® Element Manager discovers, monitors, and manages elements such as zero clients, thin clients, Blade PCs and SmartVDI hosts.

ClearCube® workstations, blades, zero clients, and thin clients provide industry-leading performance and security – and now support the new Teradici® All Access plans. Teradici All Access plans ensure you have the latest support for your PCoIP technology solutions by providing the software, resources, and cloud-ready options to help you manage, optimize, and future-proof your ClearCube deployments.

Q: You’ve recently launched new C3xPi Dual Monitor Raspberry Pi-Based Thin Client, and the CD8801 and CD8826 Thin Clients; could you tell us something more?

A: Everyday more companies are showing interest in solutions that enable them to upgrade their tech at a lower TCO, and Thin Clients provide every opportunity for them to do so. Thin Clients are lightweight devices with limited moving parts and few locally stored programs that connects to servers to perform computational functions and access hard drives in data centers by running remote display protocols, facilitating on-demand delivery of virtualized desktops and applications to users with time and location independence.

ClearCube Technology is committed to providing our customers with cutting-edge technology, high-quality, and cost-effective products, and that is why we just expanded our desktop virtualization product offering by adding three new thin clients to our portfolio, the C3xPi, CD8801 and CD8826.

The C3xPi verified as Citrix Ready, is the only low-cost, virus-proof, single-case dual monitor thin client in the market, based on Raspberry Pi® 3 Model B+. This compact, low-cost endpoint device is the perfect remote computing solution for task users, that generally perform repetitive duties using small set of low CPU or memory intensives applications. Use cases include kiosk applications, classrooms, computer labs, call centers, nursing carts, etc

The C D8801 is intended for task and knowledge users that do more than simply running basic applications, and that the level of technical functionality in their work is somewhat higher than task users. Featuring Intel® Celeron® N2807 dual-core processor, CD8801 delivers quicker response, improved decoding, and clearer images for a great PC-like user experience.

Finally, the CD8826 was designed for power users who need rich interfaces as they deal with heavy workloads, run advanced programs and use graphics-intensive applications. Featuring AMD RX-216GD dual-core processors the CD8826 delivers excellent computing and 4K graphics performance to meet the increasing demand for VDI integration in the banking, healthcare, government and manufacturing sectors.

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Q: Why is now the time for a technology solution like ClearCube?

A: The present and the future call for technology integration in every business, regardless of size and industry.Businesses must address today’s fast-paced landscape and the rising cost of operations in order to stay ahead of competitors and adopting the correct IT solution is the first step to business success. Traditional IT infrastructure is becoming outdated which can, not only increase costs, but also result in less flexibility, mobility, and scalability. Many companies and organizations found it difficult to keep up with managing and maintaining a PC desktop environment, plus PCs create clutter, overuse energy, produce heat and noise, and keep IT on their toes.

With over 20 years of experience ClearCube is the only vendor that offers a complete solution for every use case in your organization, regardless of the worker type. Combining the power of traditional dedicated computing hardware with the control, flexibility, and resource consolidation of virtual desktop infrastructure, ClearCube solves problems that many organizations face when maintaining computing resources for their users and when trying to cope with rapid changes in technology, by offering powerful, easy to manage and secure solutions, all at an affordable cost.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We look forward to continuing to serve our Federal customers and to rapidly expand into new markets like Healthcare and Education. We recognize that our success depends on our ability to help our customers embrace their workforce transformation with unique solutions while meeting their IT budget, and we are confident that we have the right strategy in place to meet these challenges and support the growing demand.