TYLin’s Strategic Acquisition Of Architectural Engineers Collaborative

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TYLin - Acquires

In a significant move, TYLin, a globally renowned full-service infrastructure consulting firm, has announced its acquisition of Architectural Engineers Collaborative (AEC) . Based in Austin, Texas, AEC is a leading privately held structural engineering firm that has been operational since 1998.

AEC’s Unique Approach to Architectural Engineering

Founded by seasoned structural engineers, AEC’s primary mission is to practice architectural engineering, ensuring that technical and aesthetic solutions align with their clients’ creative visions. The firm firmly believes in the inseparability of structural and architectural design, emphasizing the importance of collaboration between architects and engineers. Their specialties encompass Architectural Structures, Engineering Innovation, Building Information Modeling (BIM), and SustainabilityGreen BuildingsLEED.

Diverse Project Portfolio

AEC’s portfolio is diverse, ranging from new builds to adaptive reuse and historic preservation. Their projects span various sectors, including commercial, hospitality, government, education, and technology. Notably, AEC also offers structural engineering for transportation facilities, with an impressive portfolio that includes airport terminals, transit stations, and pedestrian bridges. Their commitment to excellence is evident, with many of their projects receiving accolades from the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the Texas Society of Architects.

Shared Vision and Goals

Matthew G. Cummings, PE, the Group President and Chief Executive Officer of TYLin, highlighted the shared vision and principles between TYLin and AEC. Both firms were established by passionate industry leaders with a commitment to making meaningful contributions to society. Cummings expressed his enthusiasm about the acquisition, noting AEC’s dedication to innovation and collaboration that aligns seamlessly with TYLin’s core priorities.

Benefits for AEC Clients

The acquisition promises significant benefits for AEC’s clients. They will continue to enjoy the dedicated collaboration they’ve come to expect from the local AEC team. However, they will now also have access to TYLin Group’s extensive global resources and technological capabilities. Charles Naeve, PE, AEC’s Founding Principal, emphasized the advantages of the combined organization, highlighting the potential for professional career development and opportunities to work on larger, diversified projects.

Looking Ahead

As part of the TYLin Group, AEC will operate within the combined organization’s Buildings Sector in the Americas. The firm will continue its current operations under the name Architectural Engineers Collaborative, a TYLin Company.

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