TechSimulater Gets New COO and Project PaperIt Secures Venture Capital

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Below is our recent interview with Khurram Asif, CEO at TechSimulater:

Q: What sets you apart from other software development companies?

A: TechSimulater looks out for its clients. We understand that an app or software alone is not valuable. We always aim to ensure the peace of mind of our clients, and we do this through taking care of everything, including but not limited to legal, business, development and execution.

We aim to make your idea or business no matter how small, or big into a success. We believe there is a successful algorithm that can make your idea a huge success. Success in the mobile application and software industry is 60% strategy, 20% marketing and 20% structure and facilities. Knowing your business is crucial for just the survival of your project. Statically speaking, there are 3 million apps launched every year; however, only 800 apps make more than $ 3,500 annually.

These figures are too low and are the cause of ignorance and lack of awareness. People with ideas or small businesses are too invested into the whole app development and launch aspect that they do not step aside to understand that it is a business and there needs to be structure, legality, marketing and execution.

Given the mentioned above, TechSimulater ensures that nothing is neglected and we guarantee our business plan, model, development and ensure your success.

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Q: You’re about to hire a new COO. What do you expect from him?

A: There are large expectations from our new Chief Operating Officer, Scott Clary who will be joining us in September. Unfortunately, Sophie Campbell, our previous COO, was recently dismissed from the firm and will be returning to Australia.

We are expecting noticeable changes to our business and expect an increase in investment rounds which are already in the process considering the new projects we are starting internally. We plan to increase global exposure and increase the number of our development houses in countries such as Pakistan, India, Israel and Romania.

The issue the industry currently faces is the cost of labour compared to sales and growth. This effects even the largest firms including Microsoft and Dell, who as you may know have already opened head offices in Tel Aviv, Israel and India, due to this issue.

We expect Scott to focus on the growth of TechSimulater and Heelo. Heelo is soon going to be receiving a full facelift and new features that will allow up to 24 people in HD conferencing without the sacrifice of extreme data charges or quality.

Q: What types of businesses do you serve?

A: We serve all sorts of customers. TechSimulater being focused primarily around app development, our clientele goes from average consumers to large corporations. Anybody can come up with an idea, so we are here to help.

We like to bring awareness around the business and marketing aspect of the project and ensure our client has sufficient information and research before deciding on investing their money. Our aim is not to launch a million apps a year, but more likely to launch 12 to 15 apps that are likely to be hugely successful.

An app or software is a valuable investment as it can cost anywhere from $ 100,000 to $ 350,000 to create an app and launch is with the resources and platform to ensure its success.

Considering that most consumers do not have much liquid capital, we work with many angel investment networks and VC capital firms so that our clients are headed towards success.

Q: What projects are you currently working on?

A: TechSimulater is working on numerous projects that are entirely TechSimulater owned including Deluxe, Trigger and most importantly, PaperIt. PaperIt, as mentioned before, is a software that we want all tablets to have that allows the ability to have a paper-like feel when writing electronically and withthe combination of Grammarly and other APIs we would like to achieve the technology that would allow us to help dyslexic and blind people.

Deluxe is a coach and travel service app. Deluxe will be introducing a loyalty rewards program and a platform that will find you the cheapest and most convenient coach or train ticket to wherever you go, and with our loyalty program our customers will get a free seat upon the completion of five trips to wherever they want, and they choose the mode of transport.

Trigger is a social networking platform along the lines of combining the aspect of adding friends and live videos from Facebook and trending, news and follower’s element from Twitter. Instead of trending its triggering.

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Q: You’ve recently completed another round of investment for your PaperIt project; could you tell us something more?

A: Gaining investment is the toughest part of a project or business, and I have mentioned that countless times, including in the Parliamentary Review. Even though we have these said billions flying in the tech industry, it is more fiction than reality and achieving a percentage of such said billions is a tough journey.

We have completed the second and final Seed investment round of PaperIt. Qatar Investment Network and Cresmount Capital have valued PaperIt to be $ 1.3 Billion after launch. PaperIt will be one of the few apps to utilize AI and Machine Learning to allow users to be able to write without paper.

We are a very economical and environmentally conscious company, and by releasing PaperIt, we are introducing the concept of not using paper which will save 300 million tons of paper that are used worldwide every year this will also contribute economically by collecting $ 600 Billion spent yearly on paper. It costs the US, $ 8 Billion a year to manage paper, which means that by utilizing PaperIt, we can save our planet and our finances while helping the disable to be able to also read and write. It a huge milestone for TechSimulater to have now had the funding that enables us to do what we love.

*Photo credit: ‘Douglas Joya Photography’